Aquatic Programs (Children)

Last updated on Wed, 12 Dec 2018 1:18 AM

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Red Cross Preschool Lessons (3-5 years)

Sea Otter (Beginner): For beginners to swimming, participating without a parent. This level is an introduction to skills in swimming, glides, and floating and builds awareness of deep water and safe entries.

Salamander: Preschoolers actively learn new swimming skills including assisted floats and glides through games and songs. The fun includes learning to jump into chest deep water.

Sunfish: Preschoolers work on stroke and skill progressions. Learning also focuses on good judgment in, on and around the water, and entries and floats in deep water.

Crocodile: Preschoolers start independent glides and kicking in deep water. Endurance is built through increasing distance for front and back swims. Swimmers learn about the dolphin kick and try synchro skills in the water.


Red Cross Swim Kids Lessons (6-13 years)

Swim Kids 1 (Beginner): This entry level provides children with an orientation to the water and the pool area and introduces floats and glides with kick.

Swim Kids 2: This level builds skills in front and back swims. Children are introduced to deep water activities and proper use of a personal flotation device. Endurance is built on flutter kick and glides.

Swim Kids 3: This level introduces proper front crawl and develops a foundation for making wise choices on where and when to swim. Diving is introduced and students work on floats, changing direction and a 15-metre swim.

Swim Kids 4: In this level, children further develop the front crawl, back glide and shoulder roll for back crawl. They work on dives, surface support and endurance with a 25-metre swim.

Swim Kids 5: In this level, the back crawl is introduced, along with sculling skills and whip kick on the back. There is an introduction to safe boating skills and endurance is developed through dolphin kick and a 50-metre swim.

Swim Kids 6: This level continues to refine front and back crawl and elementary backstroke is introduced. Children are also introduced to the rescue of others with throwing assists. Dives and treading water are improved and endurance is developed through a 75-metre swim.

Swim Kids 7: This level continues to build skills and endurance for front crawl and elementary backstroke and introduces whip kick on the front. Students learn about airway and breathing obstructions. Endurance is built by taking part in timed treading water and a 150-metre swim.

Swim Kids 8: This level introduces the breaststroke, foot-first surface dives and rescue entries. Students learn about the dangers of open water, hypothermia and the performance of rescue breathing. Endurance is built on the dolphin kick and 300-metre swim.

Swim Kids 9: Front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke continue to be refined in this level. Children are encouraged to combine different strokes and kicks for fitness. Work on shallow and standing dives continues along with learning about wise choices, peer influences and self-rescue from ice. Endurance is built through a 400-metre swim.

Swim Kids 10: Further refinement of strokes, with an introduction to butterfly and scissor kick highlight this level. Children learn about sun safety and head- and feet-first surface dives. Endurance is built using butterfly drills and a 500-metre swim.