Group Swim Lessons

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Swim lessons are offered in a small group setting, following the Red Cross Swim Program. We offer swim lessons for adults, women only and youths.


Beginner Swim - For someone with little to no swimming experience who wants to learn how. Beginners will be taught the basics of breath control, floats on the stomach and back, and kicking.


Intermediate - For someone who is comfortable in the water, may or may not be comfortable in deep water but wants to get better. Intermediate swimmers will be taught stroke progessions for front and back stroke along with treading water. Each class can be catered to your own goals for the pool.


Youth - With less children per class, your child will receive more personalized instruction than a standard lesson. We offer the following Preschool levels (ages 3-5): Sea Otter (beginner), Salamander, Sunfish, Crocodile. We offer the following Swim Kids levels (ages 6-13): Swim Kids 1-10. If you are unsure about the levels, please contact to set up a swim assessment.


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