Aquatics code of conduct

SFU Recreation is a unique community of students, staff, faculty, and the public connected by active living and leadership development. Our Codes of Conduct are in place to create an environment that is safe, friendly, and inclusive for everyone.

Membership with SFU Recreation is a privilege. All members are expected to:

  • Enter the pool only under the supervision of a qualified Aquatic Centre staff member.
  • Bring proof of membership (SFU ID or equivalent membership card) every time, and scan in. Do not leave your card in your locker or office.
  • Take a cleansing shower before using the pool. Wash off deodorants, hair sprays, gels, etc.
  • Children 7 years and under must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person aged 16 years +. They must remain within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Inform an Aquatic Centre staff member of any medical concerns such as asthma, severe allergies, heart condition, etc., before entering the pool.
  • Any member with open sores, bandages, head colds, discharging ears/noses, or infected eyes are not allowed in the pool.
  • Running, fighting, or any act likely to cause an accident in the pool is prohibited and will result in a suspension from the Aquatic Centre.
  • Spitting on the deck, in the pool, or in the gutters is prohibited.
  • Dive in deep areas of the pool only.
  • Discard chewing gum before entering the pool.
  • No glass containers or food are allowed on the pool deck.
  • Outside footwear is not permitted on the pool deck or shower areas. Bare feet, aqua shoes, or deck sandals only.
  • Respect and be courteous of your fellow members and Aquatic Centre staff.
  • Use equipment safely and properly. Do not use equipment for purposes other than what they were designed for.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Put away all equipment to its appropriate location.
  • No external or private personal training permitted.

Age Requirements:

  • Supervision (by a responsible person 16 years +) is required for members 7 years and under.

Report any injuries, equipment malfunction, or concerns to the Aquatic Centre staff.

t warning Members violating University Policies or the Aquatic Centre Code of Conduct may have their Recreation Membership or Day Pass privileges revoked.