Climbing code of conduct

SFU Recreation is a unique community of students, staff, faculty and the public connected by active living and leadership development. Our codes of conduct are in place to create an environment that is safe, friendly and inclusive for everyone.

  • Use the climbing wall only during posted hours and under the supervision of a qualified Climbing Staff person.
  • All persons must bring proof of membership or drop-in pass to the Climbing office for validation prior to climbing.
  • All persons on the climbing mats must complete a waiver and receive a facility orientation.
  • All belayers must pass a facility belay check and display their SFU belay tag. Belay techniques must conform to SFU belay check standards.
  • Belay instruction is only permitted by a qualified SFU Climbing Staff person.
  • A climber’s harness and climbing equipment must be CE and / or UIAA approved and unmodified. All equipment must be assembled and used as specified by the manufacturer. SFU Climbing Staff reserve the right to reject any climbing equipment they deem to be unsafe.
  • Right of way on wall is as follows: Lead climbers, top ropers, boulderers, spectators. Roped climbers have priority use. Do not use rope adjacent to any lead climber.
  • While bouldering, please keep entire body below the 2nd row of quickdraws.
  • After completing a top rope climb, please re-clip the top 3 quickdraws.
  • Top rope belayers must use ground weights when belaying climbers more than 150% of their weight. Lead belayers must not belay a climber greater than 150% their weight.
  • Respect and be courteous to all other facility users. Be mindful of programs that share this space. Spectators must not interfere with climbing activities.
  • No running, food or drink, loose chalk or bare feet on the mats.
  • Leave the mats and surrounding areas free of tripping hazards.
  • Remove all rings on fingers and items in pockets.
  • Use of earbuds or headphones is not permitted while climbing.