Last updated on Thu, 20 Dec 2018 5:19 PM

Please contact us if you have specific questions about accessibility.

General Facility

  • Wheel chair accessible from visitor parking lots
  • Wheel chair accessible doors and thresholds 
  • Wheel chair accessible service counters
  • Two elevators located at either end of the complex providing access to all levels
  • Wheel chair accessible washroom stalls
  • Wheel chair accessible drinking fountains
  • Wheel chair accessible ramps located throughout the general facility


  • Pool wheelchair lift—just ask the guards for assistance
  • Wheelchair accessible change room—off the pool deck
  • Programs and services—we are always looking to adapt and provide opportunity for all to participate. Private swimming lessons can be adapted easily as they are 1 on 1. If the participant has experience in the water, our group fitness classes as well as masters swim are accessible.

Fitness Centre

  • Wheel chair accessible equipment – designed specifically for patrons with disabilities (eg, access equipment where the seat swings out of the way and a wheelchair slides in).  
  • Free orientations are available to instruct how to use the equipment. One-on-one programs (for a fee) are available for a prepared training program.
  • Wheel chair accessible ramps installed on lower level – delineated path for wheel chair travel.