Field Lacrosse

SFU Lacrosse provides the Canadian student-athlete a unique opportunity to play at the top-level of collegiate club lacrosse, while they stay at home and attend a great institution. There is no better combination of respected academics, top-ranked athletics and overall college atmosphere in the country. With some of Canada's most innovative academic programs and cutting edge co-operative work placement programs, Simon Fraser Lacrosse alumni have an amazing network of professionals wherever they go. In addition to this, Simon Fraser Lacrosse offers:

  1. The only collegiate field lacrosse program in British Columbia.
  2. The only opportunity to play for a Canadian collegiate field lacrosse team in a US league.
  3. The only opportunity to compete for a National title (American or Canadian) as a member of a Canadian collegiate field lacrosse team.

SFU Lacrosse feels privileged and takes great pride in representing Canada as the sole Canadian member of the Men's College Lacrosse Association (MCLA). The MCLA features over 275 teams from across the US, and represents the highest level in collegiate club lacrosse.

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