The SFU Rowing Club is a developing entity which has the objective is to support, promote, and advance the sport of rowing within both the university and surrounding community. SFU Rowing has progressed to become a competitive program ranking among the country’s top university rowing programs, and continues to develop elite athletes that compete on both the provincial and national levels. This club is based out of Burnaby Lake.

Even though the SFU Rowing Club is a competitive team that follows intensive training schedules, we are classified as a club, not a varsity team and only receive extremely limited funding from the school. As our yearly funding constitutes a very small fraction of the operating costs, we must raise all our own funds to buy equipment, and cover travel expenses. Individual athletes currently cover all their own regatta fees and traveling costs.

As we have been increasing our competitiveness, the team now travels across the country to attend highly competitive regattas. As a club, we are a student-run organization, which is self-administered by our own student executive in addition to our studies and training.