What is a Living-Learning Community (LLC) and how is it different from a regular residence floor?

An LLC is a floor or area in residence where students with a common faculty or shared interest live and learn together. In addition to the regular academic, social and recreational programming offered to all SFU Residents, specially designed themed programming is available to LLC students to enhance their experience in Residence and at SFU.

What Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are available at SFU Residence?

We are launching 3 NEW LLCs in September 2017 and the Indigenous Student Cultural House will be entering its second year.

Engaged Global Citizenship LLC

Leadership through Service Learning LLC

Beedie School of Business LLC

Indigenous Student Cultural House

Are there any Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) available over the Summer Term?

The LLCs are available from September-April.  Currently, we do not offer LLC placements during the Summer Term.

Do I need to have a specific academic major to join a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

Currently, only one of our communities requires you to be studying with a specific faculty, the Beedie School of Business LLC. The other communities (Leadership through Service Learning and Engaged Citizenship) are multi-disciplinary and we encourage students from all areas of study to apply!

What is the time commitment for belonging to a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

We strongly encourage all LLC members to participate in LLC and residence events and activities, as their academic schedule permits. Time commitment can vary but expect a minimum commitment of 2-3 hours for a regular week. The more involved you are, the more you will get out of the experience!

LLCs with additional experiential learning options, like the Leadership through Service Learning community and the Engaged Global Citizenship Community, may require more time investment from time to time depending on the service or intercultural project you decide to participate in.

When do students move-in to the Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)?

Students living in one of our LLCs move-in a day early so that they can get to know each other and the program before participating in Residence Orientation.

LLC Move-In/Welcome Day will be August 29, 2017 and Residence Orientation starts on August 30, 2017.

Where will the Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) be located?

For the Academic Year 2017-2018, the Living-Learning Communities will be located in one of our Traditional Dormitory Buildings with Shared Kitchens.  The Indigenous Student Cultural House will be located in the Townhouse community.

In future years, the LLCs may be located in other buildings depending on the needs of the community.

What is the room change/room selection process for residents living in a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

As the communities are limited in size and located on specific floors, we are unable to offer room selection.  If you do end up in a room that you are very unhappy with, you can connect with us and we can discuss options and solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Can I have a Meal Plan if I live in a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

Yes.  While the Meal Plan is not mandatory for LLC students, as they will be living in a Traditional Building with Shared Kitchens, students can choose to purchase an optional Meal Plan.  For more information on Meal Plan options, please see: https://www.sfu.ca/students/residences/current-residents/maintenance-and-services/services/meal_plans.html

I want to live with other 1st Year students, so shouldn’t I live in Towers?

Our Tower community is reserved for 1st Year students, but 1st Year students are also eligible to live in Shell House and McTaggart Cowan Hall.  To see a chart of building eligibility, please visit our Building Eligibility and Assignment Process page.  Exceptions to eligibility based on age and year of study are made for students who are accepted to an LLC.  While the LLCs are generally available to all undergraduate students (except the Beedie School of Business LLC), for the 2017-2018 Academic Year, a large percentage of the students in our Living-Leaning Communities will be 1st Year students.

What is the fee to live in a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

There is no additional cost for joining an LLC.  Regular residence fees apply; details can be found here: https://www.sfu.ca/students/residences/rates.html

How do I apply to live in a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

Anyone who has applied to live in Residence can also apply to live in an LLC.  A separate application form needs to be filled out and sent to resllc@sfu.ca.   If you would like to receive an application form to any of our LLCs please send a request to resllc@sfu.ca

Is there a waiting list?

Yes.  Space is limited in all of our LLCs.   Our waitlist is now full and closed, we are unable to accept any more applications for any of the LLCs.

Where can I find more information about the Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)?

For more information visit: https://www.sfu.ca/students/residences/apply/LLC.html  and feel free to contact the Coordinator, Experiential Learning Programs at resllc@sfu.ca if you have any questions.