Spring 2018

Welcome to the Spring 2018 residence application page. We are excited that you are interested in joining our vibrant residence and campus community. Please note that the waitlist for Spring 2018 has closed, please contact housing@sfu.ca for inquiries. 

Spring 2018 Term

Whether you are a student seeking new experiences, leadership opportunities, or learning environments, when you live in residence, you join a community with a purpose – to help you thrive and achieve academic and personal success.

Spring 2018 Waitlist is Now Closed

The wait list is closed for Spring 2018 applications but vacancies during the term often occur so if you are still looking for housing during the term please contact housing@sfu.ca for availability.

Building Eligibility

Whether you are looking for options or need help identifying which building you should apply to, our graph will help your decision making process easier. Before applying, click here and take a quick snapshot at which building and community is right for you.

Off Campus Housing

We are big on doing everything we can to help you find a place to live. If you are still seeking housing or don't think you will get into SFU residence's and need to look at off campus housing options, click here.