Specialty Floors

SFU Residence and Housing aims to provide a safe and inclusive residence community for all students. In addition to traditional residence buildings, SFU Residence offers a variety of specialty housing options that can meet your needs. 

Choosing your building preference

*All areas not identified as 'Single Gender' are gender inclusive.

Building Type Location
Shell House

Single gender female

Single gender male

Floor 4

Floor 2 (north wing)

McTaggart-Cowan Hall

Single gender female

Single gender male

4401 - 4423

2001 - 2023

East Tower Living Learning Communities rooms Floor 6 & 7
North Towers

Single gender female floor

Single gender male floor

Barbara Rae Floor 7 & 8 and Pauline Jewett Floor 7 & 8

Shadbolt Floor 3


Please note that all students are able to request to live on specialty floors. However, it is based on availability and may not be guaranteed. If you have any questions, please email