Free SFU Resources for Students

December 23, 2021

by: Janice Chan

As an SFU student, you may be unaware of how many resources are actually available for students on campus. Today, I’m here to let you in on all the free resources offered by SFU!

Check out my list of the top 10 most underutilized resources that you might not know about.

1. Student Learning Commons

Need studying tips or want to learn to write more effectively? The Student Learning Commons offers workshops and individual consultations to help students. Since it's also available at all three SFU campuses, you'll have no excuse not to go.

Learn more about the SLC here.

2. Health and Counselling Services

I get it, being a student can be overwhelming. When you are not feeling so well (physically or mentally), take advantage of the health and counselling services at SFU with clinics at both the Burnaby and Vancouver campus. Most services are offered over the phone or by video. Doctor and nurse visits, counselling and other supports are all available by calling ahead to book an appointment.

Learn more about Health and Counselling Services here.

3. Recreational Services

As SFU students, you already pay a recreation-athletics fee through your tuition so why let that go to waste? Take advantage of the aquatic centre, fitness centre, climbing wall, outdoor track and tennis, squash and racquetball courts at the Burnaby Campus. It’s perfect for your upcoming New Year’s resolutions.

Learn more about SFU Recreation here.

4. Free Software + Educational Discounts

Many software items are available for students to download for free, including Microsoft 365. Being a student also grants you access to educational discounts on computer and software with major sellers such as Apple and Microsoft.

The full list of software available to download can be found here here and find educational discounts here.

5. Computer Labs and Printers

Never scramble to find a place to print a paper at the last minute again. Although printing is not completely free, all three SFU campuses have computer labs that are equipped with hardware, software and printers.

Find hours, available desktops, software and additional services here.

6. Financial Aid Advising

The costs of going to university can really add up. The good news however is that you may be eligible for scholarships, awards, bursaries, and/or government student loans and grants. The financial aid office can help you see what options there are for you.

Learn more about financial advising here.

7. Library

You might know the library as being just a quiet place to study and borrow books but did you know that the library also has tons of equipment for you to borrow such as AV equipment, hand tools, laptops and projectors? Additionally, with your SFU computing ID, you can access the library databases to find journal articles, images, music, reports, data and much more.

Find library resources here

8. Academic Advising

Visiting an academic advisor could be the key to you reaching your goals. Get course planning help or assistance with any other academic difficulties you are facing and let them help you succeed.

Learn more about Academic Advising here.

9. Career Advising

Looking for a job? Stay ahead of the competition by ensuring that your resume, cover letter and anything else you need is job-ready by booking a 1-on-1 session with a career educator.

Learn more about Career Advising here.

10. International Services for Students

Studying in a foreign country can be daunting. The International Services for Students office can help you out by providing you with important information, advice and extra resources to aid in your transition. Plus, you can join the Global Connections Program which provides the opportunity to learn about the culture of SFU while forming new friendships and exploring the community.

Learn more about International Services for Students here.

Now that you know about all the resources that SFU offers, go get yourself some free stuff!