Finance during COVID-19

Payments for Fall 2020 residence fees

Review your funding options and the fee deferral form. If you are experiencing funding issues that will prevent you from making a full payment of residence fees, please contact us at about a possible payment plan.

Refunds for Fall 2020 term  

Cancellation prior to June 1, 2020

  • Full refund of $700 confirmation payment
  • You can choose to defer your offer to Spring 2021 and your confirmation payment will be held for your spring offer (requested at the time of cancellation by June 1st)
  • This must be done by logging onto your MyPlace@SFU 

Cancellation after June 1, 2020

Cancellation fees will apply with the following condition:

  • The fall 2020 contract (Section 23 of the Burnaby Contract, or Section 22 of the Vancouver Contract) has updated additions related to COVID-19 and the inability to travel to Canada or from your current location.  These include:
  • Cancellations received by August 1, 2020 due to travel restrictions would result in the full refund of the housing fee (if paid already) including full refund of $700 confirmation fees.
  • Cancellations received after August 1, 2020 (and prior to move in day), cancellations for this reason would result in a $250 cancellation fee.

Visit the Contract and Handbook page for more information.  

We are not able to defer offers for residence to Spring as these will be dependant on available space.

Please note application fees are not refundable.

BC Temporary Rental Supplement  

SFU residents are not eligible for the BC-Temporary Rental Supplement (BC-TRS) program. As a public institution, SFU student housing does not qualify for this benefit.