Living In residence during COVID-19

SFU Residence and Housing community guidelines

SFU Residence and Housing remains open to support the health and safety of the residence community with enhanced community guidelines, reduced services and restricted access to certain areas. For your protection, non-medical masks that cover your mouth and nose are recommended for indoor spaces for all individuals who are not fully vaccinated.


  1. Outdoor social gatherings: cannot exceed 50 people
  2. ALL indoor common area: COVID-19 room occupancy limits are now lifted. Please be patient as we begin removing signs and updating others
  3. Individual student rooms: COVID-19 occupancy limits are now lifted
  4. Social Distancing: requirements of 2 meters (6-feet) is no longer required
  5. Shell Basement and the Townhouse Lounge spaces have been closed until further notice.

Large Amenity Spaces

Please be patient as we prepare for amenity spaces to be available for fall. While we are able to open up some of the common room spaces immediately, larger spaces will slowly open and come online as we approach the fall.


The Non-resident guests No Guest Policy is still in effect until further notice. Non-residents are not permitted inside any residence building, at any time.

If you're not feeling well

If you are feeling sick, please take the following steps to keep yourself and the community safe:

  1. Put on a non-medical mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  2. Avoid being around other individuals.
  3. Use the B.C. COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to see if you need to be tested for COVID-19.
  4. If you are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19, please follow the steps outlined on the Isolating in Residence During COVID-19 webpage.

Community Standards and Violations

A number of temporary community standards have been put into place and apply to all residences, outdoor residence spaces, and the Dining Hall.

Alleged violations of any community standard may result in interim measures/restrictions being put into effect for you, pending a meeting with Residence Life professional staff. If you are found responsible for violating community standards, particularly those that put the health and safety of our entire community at risk, sanctions could include (but are not limited to):

  • Educational sanctions
  • Removal of privileges
  • Bonds/fines placed on your account
  • Jeopardizing future housing applications at SFU
  • Cancellation of your current housing contract and eviction from SFU housing

These are subject to change, and will be updated based on the Public Health Officer recommendations. Updates will always be communicated to you via your SFU email. It is the student’s responsibility to read your emails and be aware of any changes and updates.

SFU Residence and Housing services  

Front desk services

For our upated front desk services please visit our Contact us page.

Help keep your residence community safe

Due to COVID-19 Shell House Basement has been closed untill further notice. 

Dining Hall

Dining Hall has implemented a number of changes due to changes in B.C. Provincial Health guidelines surrounding COVID-19. Social distancing and hand washing helps to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Hours of Operations:
Summer Semester Hours
7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  

Meal plans

Please note due to COVID-19 what Dining Services is able to offer for their meal plan (food/options/service) has been reduced. There will be no refunds on the meal plans and we appreciate what the Dining Hall has been able to do to remain open to serve students during this time.