Room Inventory Condition Review

Our policy is to have all residents submit a Room Condition Inventory Review within 7 - 10 days after check in. You will receive an email from our office when your Room Condition Inventory Review is available to submit. 

To fill out your room inventory condition form , log in to the Housing Portal with your Housing ID and pin.


Instructions and Information:

  1. Log in to the Housing Portal and click on the "Inventory" link located at the top of the page.
  2. You will see an "Inspection List" that shows the room space(s) available for your review.
  3. Select the room space(s) to review and then click "Review."
  4. The “Current Condition” field will note either “New”, “Good”, “Fair”, or “Poor”.
  5. Any existing damage will be shown in the “SFU Residence Comments” field.
  6. You should review each inventory item.  If you agree with the “Current Condition” and “SFU Residence Comments” for that item, check the “Agree” box on that row. NOTE: Do NOT check the red “Agree” box located at the top of the inventory items list unless you want to agree to the stated condition of ALL the items.
  7. If you discover any existing damage that is not already noted for an inventory item, do NOT check the “Agree” box on that row.  Enter the damage information in the “Review Comments” field.
  8. After you have completed your review of all the inventory items, click on the "Save & Continue" button.
  9. In order for the Room Inventory Condition review to be considered complete all of the inventory items must have either the “Agree” box checked OR the “Review Comments” filled in (not both).

Please Note:

  • If all the “Agree” boxes are checked, you will not be able to make further changes.  If you need to go back and correct the record of an inventory item, you will need to contact SFU Residence Facilities via
  • In situations where the "Agree" box for an inventory item is left unchecked and the “Review Comments” is left blank, the “Agree” box will default to checked status after your completion deadline has passed.
  • In situations where the “Agree" box for an inventory item is left unchecked and you have filled in the “Review Comments” field, SFU Residence will follow up to resolve the discrepancy, which will mean that completion of your Room Inventory Condition review may be delayed.
  • If you have any questions, email