Due to the increase in amount of WiFi issues that are been reported by residents, Shaw has come up with a few tips and tricks to help solve WiFi issues that you may be experiencing.

  • Do not use a 3rd party router; this will cause a drop in your WiFi connection. Please use the WiFi modem that was installed in your room by a Shaw technician
  • Use the username and password that is found on the modem, do not rename your wireless name or change the password, this will cause your devise to lose the WiFi connection
  • If your modem has power, but your devise cannot connect to WiFi try a factory reset. 

If you have gone through all the above tips and tricks and you are still experiencing WiFi issues, please submit a Maintenance Request through the SFU Housing Portal. Please provide a brief description explaining your WiFi issues and include your modem’s serial number (Passphrase).

As of the Fall 2017 Term, Residence and Housing will now offer high-speed WiFi Internet access provided by a third party, Shaw Communications. Each room will be equipped with a wireless modem and router. Simply login in through your mobile device using the username and password provided to you on the back of the modem.

Note: During the Fall term, Residence and Housing will be moving to a universal system that will you to access WiFi through-out the Residence Buildings, anytime, anywhere. 

Additionally, all residents will have basic cable in the shared/communal lounges and Internet in their room/apartment.


  • READ the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.  Not adhering to the policy could end up costing you money.
  • Each room/apartment is provided with a SHAW wireless modem. This item MUST remain in the room when you move out or switch rooms.  If this item goes missing, the resident will be charged a $300 replacement fee.

Issues with your Internet?

If you are experiencing WiFi issues please follow the below steps:

  • Perform a factory reset. Click here to find out how to do this.
  • If you are still experiencing, WiFi issues submit a Maintenance Request 
    • Please write a brief description explaining your  WiFi issues and include your modem’s serial number