SFU Residence has state-of-the art laundry rooms located in each of the building.  The machines are smart-card operated.

Laundry Cards

All new residents receive a Laundry card (no value on it) as part of their welcome package. Replacement cards can be purchased for $5.00 each (non-refundable). 

Residents will have two (2) convenient options to load your laundry card

Option 1: Pinmate Machine

To add value to your smart card online, you will need a valid credit card – MasterCard or Visa Card and a laundry card. Website:

Option 2: Debit/Credit Terminal

This option is currently not available. We will email you once the terminal is installed in the Residence and Housing office. Until such time, you can purchase a pre-loaded value smart card at the front desk. We will have $10 and $15 value cards available. These cards do not require you to register them online and are active upon purchase.

Locations of Machines

  • Main office - A1001 Residence Admin Building 
  • Shell House - Laundry Room
  • Townhouse - Kitimat - Laundry Room
  • Townhouse - Qualicum - Laundry Room
  • Hamilton Hall - Laundry Room
  • McTaggart Cowan - Laundry Room

Problems & Issues

If you are having problems with your laundry card, please contact Coinamatic directly at 1-800-561-1972

If you notice that a machine is broken, please contact Coinamatic directly at 1-800-561-1972.  You will need to let them know that:

  1. You are in Residence at SFU, Burnaby campus
  2. The name of the building
  3. The room number
  4. The number of the machine

Privacy Notice: 

SFU Residence and Housing makes the Coinamatic PinMate Machine service available to you for your convenience. Your use of the Coinamatic PinMate Machine Online service at Simon Fraser University is voluntary. Please be advised that the personal information you disclose to Coinamatic PinMate Machine is stored on servers in INetU/ViaWest's Allentown, PA data center. When you use this service, no personal information about you is collected by or for the University. Canadian privacy laws do not apply to personal information you provide directly to Coinamatic PinMate. You may wish to review the Coinamatic PinMate Machine privacy policy before using the service.