SFU Residence has state-of-the art laundry rooms located in each of the building.  The machines are smart-card operated; residents will need to purchase a laundry card from the machine in the Residence and Housing Office or in select buildings.

Laundry Cards

Laundry cards cost $5.00 each (non-refundable) to purchase and must be filled with at least $5.00 (cash) or $10.00 (debit or credit card) at the card station before it can be used. 

The cards can be purchased and filled at the Residence & Housing General Office. 

Problems & Issues

If you are having problems with your laundry card, please contact Coinamatic directly at 1-800-561-1972

If you notice that a machine is broken, please contact Coinamatic directly at 1-800-561-1972.  You will need to let them know that:

  1. You are in Residence at SFU, Burnaby campus
  2. The name of the building
  3. The room number
  4. The number of the machine