Moving-Out: Things to Know

Below you will find a checklist of important information on how to move-out and how to make sure that you don't miss anything.

Know your move-out date and make plans

Your move out date is listed in your Residence Contract and is always the day following the last day of final exams. The last day to Move-Out is Tuesday, April 24th, by 12 PM- Noon

  • Students NOT staying for the following term can move out anytime up to Noon on August 18th.  
  • Students who are room switching to a different room for the next term will be given a room switch date. If you're away during this time and cannot room switch during these dates, you will need to move out of your current room (packing and storing your items) until you return and pick up your keys for your new room.
  • Approval to extend your move out date is often not possible due to availablity and incoming students. The contract extension (FORM) needs to be submitted before August 4th. If approved, additional charges are applicable.

Fire Lane Available During Move-Out 

Fire lane access will be between the Towers and Hamilton Hall, so you can bring your vehicle to the main entrance of your Tower to load your vehicle. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not park your vehicle in the Fire Lane
  • You cannot obstruct the Breezeway or block the main entrance of your Tower with your vehicle or your belongings
  • Your vehicle can only be parked on the cement area outside the main entrance of your Tower for a max of 20min
  • Your vehicle cannot block in anyone else’s vehicle
  • You cannot block access to the garbage or recycling  bins
  • Please be courteous of other residents while moving-out

Return Your Keys.  Avoid the lock change charge of $155.00!

If you are moving out of residence or if you are moving to a different room in residence:

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve removed all your belongings, cleaned your room/apartment/suite, cleaned your fridge and locked your door, you need to drop your keys off with one of the front desk staff in the Residence Office.


  1. Please place your keys in an envelope with your name, building/room number, and your student I.D. (key envelopes are avaialble at the front desk)
  2. You can either personally hand your keys to a staff member in the Residence and Housing Office and ask for a receipt, OR, drop your keys in the after hours drop box (no receipt), located beside the office entry.
  3. Keep the receipt as proof of return. If you are charged for non-return of keys, and cannot produce a receipt verifying return, you will be responsible for paying the $155.00 lock change fee


  • Keys are due by 5:00pm on the day that you switch rooms.


  • You are remaining in the SAME room for the next term.  

Moving out in the middle of the term?

Please refer to the Termination Policy in the Residence Contract for more details on termination eligibility, deadlines if you wish to cancel your contract once you have moved in. To appeal to have your contract terminated, complete the Termination Form and submit it to the Residence General Office.

Room damages and cleaning charges:

Our maintenance staff will take photographs of any rooms that are left unclean, untidy or damaged. Refer to the room condition/inventory form you completed when you moved in. Any damage or items needing repair will have been reported on this form and this will be the standard used to assess whether your room is left in the same condition it was received.