Spring 2019 Residence Fees

Below is everything you need to know about the Spring 2019 fees and payments. Don’t forget to download our fees sheet for a complete breakdown of costs.


Spring 2019 Fees

Find out what the Spring 2019 Term Residence Fees are

Spring 2019 Fees 

Payment Method Options

Wondering how to pay or what’s the best way to pay? See our payment methods page for all of your options.

Confirmation Payment Method Options

Find out the best way to pay your Confirmation Payments that is convenient for you.

Residence Fees Due

Important due dates to remember for the Spring 2019 Term will be updated soon. Check back with us in the coming weeks

Other Residence Fees to Know

Learn more about other residence fees, such as parking, lost keys, etc. 

Meal Plan Options

Learn more about your meal plan options.

FIC Student - What you need to know

Find out how to access GoSFU to view your financial payments and pay your residence fees online.


Note: for Full details of the Residence Rooms Fees and Rates, please see the PDF link above.



Towers* (with meal plan)

$5,057 per term 

Shell House*

$2,976 per term 

McTaggart-Cowan Hall*

$2,976 per term


$3,348 per term




$3,349 per term

*A Non-refundable Confirmation payment of $700 is required prior to each term and will be applied to that term’s fees. (see Confirmation Payment Methods Option page)

SFU Vancouver CAMPUS

Note: for Full details of the Residence Rooms Fees and Rates, please see the PDF sheet.



Charles Chang Innovation Centre **

2-Bedroom (per student) $3,532 per term 

2-Bedroom w/ study (per student) $3,948 per term 

Single Studio $4,988 per term 

**NOTE: Contracts are until Aug. 17, 2018.