Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance protects you from costs to replace your lost or damaged belongings, expenses incurred because your home is damaged and cannot be lived in and personal liability coverage (e.g.: causing damage to other people’s property).

What is Tenant Insurance

It is always good to be prepared for an unexpected emergency such as building floods, fires and theft of your personal items. Having Tenant Insurance will give you peace of mind in case something unexpected happens to you and/or your personal belongings. Tenant Insurance can also help protect you in the case your actions lead to damage of the university’s or someone else’s property. We highly recommend that all residents speak with an insurance broker either by phone or in person, before deciding to purchase a policy. It is good to ask questions so the purchaser can understand what is being bought and what they have coverage for.  

How to Get Tenant Insurance

There are many insurance brokers and agencies who can assist you with purchasing Tenant Insurance. SFU has partnered with Square One Insurance to arrange insurance packages available for students living in Residence.

Square One Insurance instruction guide (PDF)

Note: Square One Insurance is an insurance broker and not an insurer.