FAQ - Residence Orientation

Will I be able to attend other Orientation Events if I am signed up for Residence Orientation? 

Yes! We work with the other Orientations on Campus to ensure that students can attend many of the Orientations that apply to them and their experience. We work closely with Campus Welcome Day (Burnaby and Surrey), International and Exchange/Study Abroad, and Graduate Orientation to ensure that our events do not overlap. 

Your program or faculty may have a separate Orientation that may coincide with Residence Orientation. Email us at reso@sfu.ca to discuss your specific Orientation schedule. 

When will I hear more about Residence Orientation? 

We will send you emails starting about a month away from the start of Orientation about Residence Orientation events. You will also receive emails from Residence and Housing about moving in to Residence and from SFU 101: University Prep about Orientation events in general. 

Please make sure you are checking your SFU email and whatever email you provided with your Housing application on a regular basis so you do not miss anything! 

What is Residence Orientation: Welcome Home?

Residence Orientation: Welcome Home is a new Orientation model for Residence Orientation that recognizes that students are not fully settled in Residence after 3-5 days of Orientation. This new form of Orientation is an extended Orientation that runs into the first 6 weeks of the semester to plan events that focus on skill building, workshops, healthy living, and more!

You will attend these events with your Orientation group and Community Advisor to continue to meet new people and learn more about all the resources offered at SFU! Residence Orientation: Welcome Home also ensures that anyone who moves in to Residence after the official Move-In day still has the opportunity to meet people and make new friends in Residence!

What happens if I cannot come to Residence Orientation?

Residence Orientation is required for ALL First-Time Undergraduate Residents, regardless of what year the student is in. Those students must attend at least the mandatory events during Residence Orientation. The rest of the schedule is optional. 

Graduate Students may choose whether or not to attend Orientation by opting in to register. Those students must also attend at least the mandatory events during Residence Orientation, the rest of the schedule is optional. 

If an Undergraduate student cannot attend Orientation, they may request to opt-out by emailing reso@sfu.ca with an explanation of why they cannot attend. This request may or may not be granted.

What do you mean by "mandatory?"

Mandatory events in Residence Orientation are events that we think are necessary for every new student to participate in. These events will give you a good idea of the new place you are living in and give you important information about Residence.

These events will also help you meet people in your community and are a great way to make new friends in Residence. 

Where can I find an Orientation Schedule?

The Orientation Schedule will be emailed to you a few days before Orientation starts. You can also find digital copies on this website and paper copies in the Housing Office on Move-In Day!

What are "ROLs?"

ROLs or Residence Orientation Leaders are student volunteers who volunteer during Residence Orientation to help you transition into living in Residence! You will have a specific Residence Orientation Leader who is able to give you tips and tricks about SFU, advice and recommendations, and help you meet new people in Residence! 

Residence Orientation Leaders will also help run Orientation Events, take students off campus for day trip events, and generally be around in the community to make you feel as welcome as possible! Ask them anything!

What are "CAs?"

CAs or Community Advisors are student staff members who live in Residence for either the Fall and Spring semesters or the Summer semester. These student staff are here to support you during your time in University by planning events and programs for your floor or area, counsel you in times of need or stress, help you navigate your time in Residence, and follow up on any conduct issues, rules, or crisis events. 

There is one CA On-Call every night for each building in Residence and you can call them with anything from medical issues, safety concerns, to just needing someone to talk to if you or a friend are in distress. You will meet your CA on your first day in Residence and they are there to help you with whatever you need! 

Why should I attend Residence Orintation events?

Studies at SFU have shown that students who attend Orientation events report lower levels of stress, better grades, and a higher satisfaction with their University experience. Your participation in Residence Orientation is an investment in the rest of your University experience!

Residence Orientation will teach you the skills you need to succeed, help you get acclimated to SFU, and introduce you to an amazing group of talented and motivated peers that will be your family as you go through your SFU degree.

We know that you will have an amazing time at Residence Orientation!

How do I get my Upass? 

Only SFU Students are eligible for the U-Pass, FIC Students must purchase their own Compass Card and either load a stored balance or a monthly pass. You can find more options on the TransLink Website.

The Compass Card or U-Pass is your transit pass for Vancouver. The U-Pass will get you around Vancouver for a low rate all semester and the Compass Card is for any FIC Students so you can travel around Vancouver! Check out the U-Pass BC website to get your U-Pass set up and running.

Do you Have Questions about Residence Orientation? Have any accessibility needs?

Email the Orientation team at reso@sfu.ca