Graduate Residence Orientation: Welcome Home


Residence Orientation is the best way to start your residence experience. Residence Orientation is for Graduate Students living in Hamilton Hall and the SFU Residence at the Charles Chang Innovation Centre and is several days of fun-filled activities and events that are designed to help you make a smooth transition to living at SFU Residence.

Fall 2017 Graduate Residence Orientation: Welcome Home: August 30 – October 15

Graduate Students in Residence - August 30 - October 15, 2017

Residence Orientation: Welcome Home is optional for graduate residents who have a confirmed offer to live at SFU Residences. Please register online now! Residence Orientation events continue into the first half of the Fall term. Residence Orientation: Welcome Home is comprised of full days of events, activities, and workshops before classes. After classes start, we offer workshops and events that work around your academic schedule to help you connect with academic support, live a healthy life, and adjust to living in British Columbia. 

Note: Residence Orientation events continue into the first half of the Fall term. The charge for Residence Orientation will be posted to your account
Cost: Please see the Fees page for details

Before You Move In- Residence Orientation: Online 

Residence Orientation includes an online pre-arrival course. This course is designed to help you transition smoothly into residence and contains important information about how to prepare for your big move, living on residence, and being a part of the residence community.

Graduate Students click here.

Day 1 - Move-In Day and Residence Orientation

Between Wednesday, August 30 and September 2nd 

Welcome to Residence! You will Move In to your new room, meet your Community Advisor (CA), and your fellow residents for the first time, and attend an event on campus to welcome you to Residence! Burnaby Campus residents can pay for a short meal plan at the dining hall for the days prior to when classes start.

Day 2-3 - Other Orientation Programs 

Friday, September 1

In the Fall semester, we encourage you to attend Graduate Student Orientation. During the day we often have trips off campus to local malls, IKEA, and other places so you can get fully moved in to your new home. If you choose not to attend those orientations, there are other activities in Residence to help you transition and in the evening, there are events for all residents such as open mic nights, trips to the SFU Observatory, gym games, and more.

Day 4-5 - Residence-only events and Off-campus trips

Saturday, September 2 - Sunday, September 3

During the day we plan trips around The Lower Mainland and Vancouver for you to see the city, practice using transit, experience the natural beauty of BC, and explore your new home with your Orientation group. Past trips have included hiking, downtown Vancouver, Granville Island, Stanley Park, The Aquarium and more! Talk with your CA about where you want to go!   

Throughout your first semester in Residence

Monday, September 4- Sunday, October 15

During the first 4-6 Weeks of each semester there will be weekly workshops hosted by the Orientation program to aid your transition to living and studying at SFU. Your CA can help you attend workshops that include conversations about consent and healthy relationships, trial gym sessions, professional development, and academic success workshops. Your CA will also be hosting events and activities for you to attend at your leisure!

Other Orientations

Join SFU Burnaby's free orientation conference where you get to decide what is most useful to get your grad school experience off on the best foot.

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