Welcome New Residents  

Pre-Arrival is a place where you can find all the information you need to start your move in to SFU residences. Find everything you need including: reading up on the handbook, room insurance, What To Bring, and more.


Read Your Resident Handbook

You’ve signed your contract, but have you read it? It contains important information like community standards, regulations, meal plan, and more!


Find Out What To Bring

There are many things you can bring to Residence, and some stuff you should leave behind! This handy list can help you figure all this out.


Getting to Residences

Check out how to get to SFU from popular parts of the lower mainland, and directions around campus! Also, check out the guided video at the top of this page for how to navigate your way across campus.


Services and Amenities

The Shell house is our new community space where you can watch moveis, play games, hang out with friends or gather for a study session. Participate in events or become aware of the latest happenings by following Residence and Housing on all of our Social Media platforms. 


Update Your Mailing Address

Before you arrive, make sure you have updated your family and friends with your new address. The Residence and Housing Mail room is located withing the main office.


Read Your Move In Emails

Your move-in newsletters will start showing up in your email inbox approximately four weeks prior to move-in.  Keep an eye out for this newsletter as it contains important information that will help make your move-in simple and easy.

Get Content Insurance  

It is important to keep your belongings safe. SFU offers Content insurance which is an easy way to make sure your belongings are secure. 


Residence and Housing Office

The Residence and Housing office is located below the dining hall. The friendly staff is a great resource of information. Come by if you have a question or just want to say hello.