Room Selection

Dates for Room Selection (Fall 2018 Term):

Room selection will only be available to students with a confirmed housing offer (i.e. students who have paid the $700 deposit) by June 1, 2018. 

Instructions will be sent via email on the week of June 5th. Room Selection will be open to eligible residents during the following time periods:

  • In-room (Summer 2018) Townhouse residents: June 12th to 15th
  • In-room (Summer 2018) Towers, McTaggart & Shell House residents: June 12th to 15th (Students in Living Learning Communities will be assigned a room in their LLC area)
  • New Townhouse residents: June 13th to 16th (only available to students who requested roommates)
  • New Towers, McTaggart & Shell House residents:
    • Shell House & McTaggart – June 14th to June 17th
    • Towers - June 15th - June 18th
  • Hamilton Hall: Not available
  • Vancouver Graduate Residence: Not available

If you are eligible to select your own room, you will need to login to the Housing Portal during the dates & times noted above to select your room.

For building & room layouts, please select a floorplan:

NOTE: Students who do not select their own room during the scheduled dates OR students who confirmed for Residence after the dates above, will have their rooms assigned to them by the Room Assignments Coordinator.  If you have any questions, please email

How to select your room:

Important: Make sure to follow the instructions below and make your room selection carefully.  Once you select your room, you cannot go back.

If you are eligible for room selection, you will need to login to the Housing Portal during the dates & times noted above to select your room. 

Important Notices:

  • Room selection (via the Housing Portal) for the Fall 2018 term will be open from 9:00 AM on June 12th to 11:59 PM on June 18th
  • Living Learning Community (LLC) Students: as all LLC students must live on the floor where their LLC is located, room selection is NOT available for our LLC communities.

See below for buildings locations:

Specialty Floors (Fall 2017)

Building & Type  Location 
Shell House - Female floor
2C (Rooms 241 - 268)
McTaggart-Cowan Hall - Female floor  3C (Rooms 3001 - 3025)
McTaggart-Cowan Hall - Study Intensive 4C (Rooms 4001 - 4025)
McTaggart-Cowan Hall - Living Learning Communities (Not available for room selection

2A (Rooms 2401 - 2423)

3A (Rooms 3401 - 3425)

4B (Rooms 4401 - 4425)

Towers - Female floor Shadbolt 6
Barbara Rae 7
Pauline Jewett 6 +7
Towers - Male floor Shadbolt 2
Towers - Study Intensive Shadbolt 7
Barbara Rae 8
Pauline Jewett 8

2C (Rooms 241 - 268)