FAQs for parents

What are the rules my student is expected to follow?

They are expected to follow our Community Standards and the items in their residence contract; both of which they are expected to read prior to accepting their room assignment.

Can you please tell me how much is owing on my son/daughter’s account since I pay the bills?

For the protection of our students, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act prohibits the Department of Residence & Housing from providing any information concerning our residents to a third party. If parents/family require any information about their student, the resident must provide them with that information, we cannot. This includes: personal account information (such as balances payable) and room/telephone number. If parents/family need access to the resident’s room, the resident must provide them with their keys.

How are the rooms furnished?

Please refer to our Residences page. Here, it will explain how each residence room is furnished.

What should my son/daughter bring to Residence?

Students will wish to bring ( This is NOT a list of required items, nor does it represent everything you might want or need):

* Bedding, sheets, pillows, blankets
* Bath towels, soaps, robe, etc.
* Hair products, hair dryer
* First aid kit, bandages
* Shower shoes
* Disks, pens, scissors, tape, etc.
* Laundry bag (or basket)
* Laundry soap
* Eating utensils, plate, bowl, cup
* Umbrella
* Telephone (cordless phones are popular)
* Stereo (with headphones)
* Computer
* Power strip/ surge protector
* Reading light
* Alarm clock

What must my son/daughter leave at home?

These are items that students MUST NOT BRING to Residence:

* Pets
* Full-size refrigerator
* Firearms, weapons
* Fireworks
* Hot plates
* Microwave (not allowed in traditional dorm rooms)
* Any appliance with exposed heating coil
* Candles or incense
* Halogen lamps (i.e. floor lamps)
* Coil lighting
* Waterbed

** Students in the traditional residences, the Towers and the townhouses are not permitted to cook in their rooms as it presents a serious fire hazard.

**Students in the Towers will have access to a microwave in the lounge. Kitchen appliances other than the provided microwave are not permitted in the lounge (i.e. coffee maker, kettle, toaster, etc)

Is there a Meal Plan at SFU?

Yes there is! Students living in the Towers are required to take a meal plan as there are no cooking facilities in those buildings. Students living in the traditional residences with kitchens (McTaggart-Cowan Hall, Shell House and the Townhouses) may also wish to subscribe to the meal plan.

Can my son/daughter stay in residence past the move-out date?

Unless he/she has extenuating circumstances, which we would need to be addressed in writing, no late stays are allowed. When students sign their residence contract, they know what their move-out date is.