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Student Conduct Office

Michelle Verbrugghe, MEd
Phone: 778.782.6601

Heather Roberts, MEd, CCC
Student Conduct Case Manager
Phone: 778.782.9456

Student conduct

Policy overview

The S 10.05 Student Conduct Policy defines students' basic responsibilities as academic community members, defines inappropriate student conduct, and provides procedures and outcomes to be invoked if students engage in such behaviour.

The following is a representative but not exhaustive list of behaviours constituting misconduct:

  • harming, injuring or threatening any person (by word or action or through electronic means);
  • endangering or threatening the health, safety or well-being of any individual; 
  • engaging in initiation ceremonies or other rituals that are dehumanizing or degrading;
  • behavior which results in damage, destruction or theft of University property or the property of any University member;
  • forging, misusing or altering any University document or record;
  • impersonating a member of the University community;
  • unauthorized entry or presence in University premises;
  • misuse of University resources, including computing resources;
  • misuse of disciplinary procedures.


You can read the S10.05 Student Conduct Policy on the Policies and Procedures web page.

For information and resources related to Academic Integrity, refer to the Academic Integrity web page.