Nominated Exchange Student Resources: Summer 2015 Exchanges

On this page we have put together all of the presentations and related documents that have been offered to date.

We hope that these resources will provide you with the basic information and contacts you need for all stages of your exchange. Please feel free to download and/or print these presentations for future reference. 

Exchange Specific Resources

Student Exchange Manual 
The comprehensive manual for your exchange. Includes checklists and info on many aspects of the exchange program.
Exchange Checklist and Timeline A timeline to help you track the exchange process from application to acceptance
SFU Exchange Pre-Departure Session
(to be posted soon)
Please review Exchange Pre-Departure Session slides with the Student Exchange Manual
Consent to Disclose Personal Information This is a webform you completed to confirm your exchange nomination. If you wish to add additional people on your application, please email to add additional individuals.

Travel Health and Cultural Transition

Cultural Transition

Resources: Coping with Culture Shock

Healthy Travel Tips Handout (pdf)
Tips for preparation, during, and return from Exchange.
SFU Health and Counselling Services Prepare for your health before travelling and note that some countries required certain vaccinations before entry

Travel Health Insurance

How to use the SFSS plan for your exchange

Instructions and information on using the SFSS plan for your exchange. You are not required to use this plan, but must ensure that you have adequate extended health coverage for the duration of your exchange. This will be discussed at your Pre-Departure session.

Individual questions can be directed to

SFSS Undergraduate Health/Dental Plan  Learn more about the SFSS Undergraduate Health/Dental Plan, StudentCare


Passport and Immigration Information A checklist of things to consider re passports and immigration requirements for your host country
Canadian Consular Services  An essential site for anyone traveling abroad. Includes Country Profiles, Travel Warnings, Online Registration Service and much more
(Not a Canadian citizen? Please see the equivalent for your home country)

Travel Tips, etc

Emergency Contact Card Print and complete the Emergency Card
Carry this with you at all times while travelling during your exchange
Canadian Consular Services  Includes Country Profiles, Travel Warnings, Online Registration Service and much more
International Services for Students Photo Contest Our annual photo contest

Financial Aid and Awards (loans, bursaries, scholarships, awards)     

Financial Aid and Awards for Exchange Students Presentation Learn more about Financial Aid and Awards and the requirements.
Financial Aid and Awards Handouts
  • Information on scholarships, awards and bursaries. Instructions on assigning a designate.
  • Exchange Spending Plan: Budget plan worksheet
  • Assign a Designate: Step-by-step instructions on how to assign an designate
  • Interest-Free Status for Exchange Students: Details of how you can maintain interest-free status on exchange
Student Loan Funding, Scholarships and Awards, Bursaries

Learn more about the types of funding available to you as an exchange student.

  • Please check the designation of your institution if you are applying for student loans or interest free status.
    If your institution is not designated, please email and
  • Student Loan Mobility Contract: To be submitted along with your student loan application to apply for student loan funding for your exchange term
  • Student Loan Completion of Studies Contract: Form to be completed by host institution to confirm completion of studies