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“Prague stands at the crossroads of the most important historical, cultural, artistic, religious, and political developments in all of Europe.”

The Field School provides an eight week, in-depth study of European society and culture, literature, art, film and contemporary politics seen through the window of the Czech Republic. The program includes courses in language, film and art history, and political science, which are intended to enrich the three core field school courses.

Field School Director:  Dr. Anne-Marie Feenberg-Dibon <>


The program consists of three courses totalling 11 SFU units. Arrangements can be made for students who have taken one or more of these courses to receive credit for other suitable courses. All instruction will be in English.

HUM 240-3: Studies in European Cultures
This course (taught by Charles University faculty) covers such topics as the cultural foundations of the Czech peoples then and now as well as Czech architecture and landscape. The class will take five one-day field trips into the outlying regions of Bohemia, as well as a four-night stay in southern Bohemia. Visits include pre-historical, Romanesque, Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque historical sites on which churches, cathedrals and museums are located. This course also includes Czech language units.

HUM 340-4: Great Cities in their Time and Place
This course (also taught by Charles University faculty) will examine the political and social history of Prague and consists of weekly lectures and short excursions.

HUM 385-4: Special Topics in European Studies, Prominent Twentieth-Century Czech Writers in the Context of Other European Literature and Art
In this course, we shall do a close reading of a number of works (in English translation) written by prominent Twentieth-Century Czech writers in the context of other European literature and art.


The program begins with classwork and orientation sessions at SFU, followed by 8 weeks of study and field trips in the Czech Republic.

March 15 Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation session
March 15 and 29
Courses and orientation with Field School Director at SFU
May 11
Independent travel to Czech Republic
May 12
Arrive in Prague
May 13 - July 2  
Study in Prague and environs
July 2
Field school ends
July  TBC Final assignments due

*These dates are provided as guidelines and are subject to change.

Costs and Funding

*Tuition (11 units) $1,875.50
Program fees $3,520.43
Total cost (estimated) $5,395.93

* Differential tuition fees are charged for international students.

Program Fees include:

    Shared accommodation          Some group meals
    In-country transportation
         Field trips
  Pre-departure orientation, in-field/re-entry support

Program fees do not include the cost of international airfare, independent travel, inoculations, or mandatory insurance. Program costs quoted in Canadian dollars are approximate, and may vary subject to exchange rates, travel, and accommodation cost quotations.

Students must pay tuition and program fees directly to SFU Student Services by the due date as outlined in the SFU calendar.

The cost of the program is estimated and subject to change.

Students participating in SFU field schools are eligible to apply for student loans. SFU students may also apply for bursaries, scholarships, awards, and International Exchange/Field School Bursaries.

Institute for the Humanities Travel Study Award (Value: $1500.00)
Third or fourth year SFU students who are registered in a Humanities Program may apply for this award, to assist them to attend a field school program offered by SFU.


Prague Humanities applicants must meet the following requirements to participate:

  • Must be 19 years of age or older prior to departure
  • Have completed a minimum of 45 units of university courses
  • Have a minimum 2.5 CGPA
  • Consent of the Field School Director
  • Recommended that students should have completed at least one course that meets the “W” requirement

Note: Students from departments outside of Humanities are encouraged to apply. Please contact the Field School Director at, if you have questions about course content or academic requirements.

For more information on eligibility for non-SFU students, please see the Application page.

Information Sessions

No further sessions scheduled.

Application Status: Closed
Application Deadline: Thursday, February 6, 2014

Note: For people with (physical or mental) medical conditions, international travel can present severe challenges. Because SFU field schools take place in international locations where emergency services, and/or mental or physical support services may be limited, or non-existent, some field school placements will not be appropriate for everyone. Please speak with the program's Field School Director for information on specific conditions for this field school.

If you have a medical condition that poses limitations on your ability to function in certain environments, we strongly advise that you register with the SFU Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD). CSD staff will ask that you provide documentation from a duly-qualified medical specialist, which contains a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Where appropriate, CSD staff will communicate with field school staff with regard to accommodation in the field. Please note that, while CSD staff indicate to field school staff that a prospective participant requires accommodation for a medical condition, they do not disclose the nature of the medical condition.

Because overseas arrangements can be complicated, we recommend that you contact the CSD at least three months prior to the commencement of the field school in which you wish to participate. Please note that failure to make proper arrangements in advance of travel could result in termination from the field school with costs and academic credit forfeited.