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Retailing Berlin - Summer 2014 is an intensive two week Field School designed to help you develop a better understanding of world markets and the pivotal role that the senses play in a retail environment.

Through this program and its site visits, students will be invited to experience the rich German culture and the powerhouse of the European Union by visiting famous landmarks and influential retail environments.

Field School Director: Dr. Judy Lynne Zaichkowsky <


BUS 494 – Advanced Consumer Behaviour and Retail Management
The course is worth 3 SFU units and will run for a total of two weeks. To supplement the information you learn in the classroom, there will also be company visits, orientations, and tours organized to further enhance your experience. All instruction will be in English.

Course Objective:
To understand the subconscious links among our five senses, the environment, and our emotions in the retail setting.

Key Objectives:
- Review of the five senses: touch, lighting and sight, taste scent and effect of sound surround
- How does the subconscious ‘work’?
- What is the right fit between merchandise, customer and the environment?
- Defining the objectives of the retailer and the brand identity
- Creating and selecting an implementable retail strategy
- Evaluating the success of the store identity and image


August 16, 2013 – August 30, 2014

The Field School will run for two weeks from August 16, 2014 – August 30, 2014. Your expected arrival date is Saturday, August 16. Lectures will begin on August 18 and will run from Monday – Friday. In addition to lectures, there will be various orientations, site visits, tours, and field trips organized. Below is a brief summary of the program itinerary.

TBC Mandatory Pre-departure Orientation Session

August 16

Accommodation Check-in
On-Campus Orientation
Welcome Reception and Welcome Dinner at Standige Vertretung

August 17

Berlin City Tour

August 18

Lecture #1
Trade, Culture & Education Orientation and Reception at the Canadian Embassy

August 19

Lecture #2
Visit BMW Concept Store, Stilwerk Berlin and The Story of Berlin

August 20

Lecture #3
Field Trip to KaDeWe Department Store

August 21

Lecture #4
Store Visits to Tchibo and Strauss

August 22

Lecture #5
Free Afternoon

August 23

Free Time

August 24

Boat trip

August 25

Midterm Exam
German Culture & History Tour

August 26

Lecture #6
Free Afternoon

August 27

Store Visits to Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus, Berlin Bugatti showroom and Nivea Concept Store

August 28

Lecture #7

August 29

Group Presentations
Tour of Reichstag
Grand Dinner at Kafer Restaurant

August 30

Departure (tentative date)

*These dates are provided as guidelines and are subject to change.


The Seminaris Campus Hotel is a four-star hotel located on the Freie University Campus. Hotel costs include a full European breakfast, Wi-Fi, Fitness Centre, and access to the Business Centre. Program fees are calculated based on double occupancy. However single rooms are available for an extra 350 euros for the duration of the Field School.

Please note, the Field School Director will book accommodations for participants for the duration of the field school.


Breakfasts – Full European breakfast provided by the hotel

Lunches – You will have access to the Freie University meal card, which is purchased for 1.5 euros, and can be loaded in 20 euro increments. This card can be used at the University dining facilities, taking advantage of subsidized food prices. For examples of the menu and prices, please visit their website here

Dinners – There are three official program dinners as well as some receptions. Students can use their meal card or dine off campus during free evenings.


Domestic undergraduate tuition fees (3 units) $682.20*  
Approximate ceiling program fees $2,233.51 to $2,769.01
Approximate total cost estimate $2,915.71 to $3451.21

* Differential tuition fees are charged for international students. Student fees are not included in this total and will be based upon your total course load for the Summer 2014 term.

Program Fees include:

    Accommodation (single or double occupancy) 
            Some Group Meals
    In-Country Transportation
            Field Trips
  Pre-Departure Orientation, In-Field/Re-Entry Support

Program fees do not include airfare, the cost of meals not identified as included and independent travel. Program costs quoted in Canadian dollars are approximate, and may vary subject to exchange rates, travel, and accommodation cost quotations.

Students must pay tuition directly to SFU Student Services by the due date as outlined in the SFU Calendar.


Retailing Berlin applicants must meet the following requirements to participate:

  • Must be 19 years of age or older prior to departure
  • Have completed a minimum of 60 units of university courses prior to field school departure
  • Have a minimum 2.67 CGPA
  • Consent of the Field School Director
  • BUS 360W
  • BUS 347

Note: The program will be open to students from all faculties but selection priority will be given to Business Major Students.

For more information on eligibility for non-SFU students, please see the Application page. 

Information Sessions

No further sessions scheduled.

Application status: Closed
Application deadline: Monday, March 31, 2014 at 8:59PM

Note: For people with (physical or mental) medical conditions, international travel can present severe challenges. Because SFU field schools take place in international locations where emergency services, and/or mental or physical support services may be limited, or non-existent, some field school placements will not be appropriate for everyone. Please speak with the program's Field School Director for information on specific conditions for this field school.

If you have a medical condition that poses limitations on your ability to function in certain environments, we strongly advise that you register with the SFU Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD). CSD staff will ask that you provide documentation from a duly-qualified medical specialist, which contains a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Where appropriate, CSD staff will communicate with field school staff with regard to accommodation in the field. Please note that, while CSD staff indicate to field school staff that a prospective participant requires accommodation for a medical condition, they do not disclose the nature of the medical condition.

Because overseas arrangements can be complicated, we recommend that you contact the CSD at least three months prior to the commencement of the field school in which you wish to participate. Please note that failure to make proper arrangements in advance of travel could result in termination from the field school with costs and academic credit forfeited.