Academic Advising

Academic Advisors are here to support you in making informed academic choices in these challenging times.

You can access advising services in the following ways:

Student Services academic advising

If you are undeclared and under 60 units, or if you are experiencing academic difficulty, you're welcome to book a phone or virtual advising appointment to speak with an advisor. We also offer LiveHelp and drop-in advising.

Faculty and departmental advising 

If you are declared in your program or over 60 units, you can meet with your faculty or departmental advisor to discuss your options.

Advising information

Fall 2020 term

How will my courses be offered for the Fall term? 

The majority of courses for the Fall term will be offered remotely, with some courses requiring an in-person component. You should check the course outline for any courses that you plan to take to see how the course will be offered.

What does synchronous mean?

Synchronous means that the course component takes place at a set time, and you’ll be expected to attend remotely at that time.

What does asynchronous mean?

Asynchronous means that the course component is expected to be completed remotely that week at a time of your own choosing.

Will I be able to opt for P/F grades for courses taken in the Fall 2020 term?


Can I still opt for a "P" grade for courses taken in the Spring 2020 term?

No, students cannot self-opt for a “P” grade for Spring 2020 term. If this is an option you would still be interested in, please connect with your academic advisor for your options.

Will the course drop deadline for the Fall 2020 term be extended?

When will I find out when my exams for the Fall 2020 term will be taking place?

The final exam schedules will be released in October. This will allow students to avoid enrollment conflicts, and will significantly reduce instances of exam hardship. See for details.

What are some resources to support success in an online learning environment?

Spring 2020 term FAQs

The following FAQ apply to students who took courses in the Spring 2020 term and who opted for a P/F grade in one or more of their courses:

Does a P grade satisfy the FAL/ FAN X99 requirement of grade of "C or higher”?


Does a "P" grade count towards my W, Q, B requirements?


Does a P grade satisfy a minimum grade requirement in a pre-requisite course?


Does a "P" grade in a repeated course replace my previous attempt?

Yes, but it counts as one of your 5 allowable repeats.

Does a "P" grade in a repeated course count towards my five allowable repeat attempts?


If I got an "F" in a repeated class in Spring 2020, does it replace my "F" in my previous attempt?


If I got an "F" in a repeated class, does it still count towards my total allowable repeats?

No, courses for which F grades are assigned in the Spring 2020 term will not count towards the GPA or the repeat policy.

How will post-graduate and professional programs assess a grade of "P"on my transcript?

Unfortunately, we do not know how post-graduate programs, including professional schools, will assess a "P" grade on a transcript. You will receive academic credit for any course with a "P" grade, but it will not count towards your GPA. It will likely take some time for post-secondary institutions to determine policies and processes around this, we recommend you check with the program you are applying to.