COVID Assistance and Remote Engagement Support (CARES)

COVID has created many challenges, and if you need to self-isolate, our new CARES Program is here to help support you. Offered in partnership with Fraser International College, CARES is available for students who need to self-isolate.

t-warning New requirements for travel to Canada!

On February 21, 2021: the Government of Canada introduced further travel restrictions, testing, and quarantine measures.

At this time, we recommend that you:

The CARES program

In planning for self-isolation, you need to consider accommodation, food, and other resources. The CARES program will provide you with a safe and supportive environment, meet necessary Public Health self-isolation guidelines, and help you to feel part of and connected to our community.

CARES program eligibility

The CARES program is available to registered FIC and SFU students (undergraduate or graduate), and who are enrolled in classes, and are:

  • arriving in Canada, or
  • traveling and are now returning, or
  • in need of support with a place to self-isolate due to your living situation, and/or need help with a self-isolation plan.

CARES program packages and registration details

The CARES program packages are available. You must register for a CARES program package at least 10 days prior to travelling.

The CARES program has three options that you can choose from:

  1. Accommodation and meals
  2. Accommodation only
  3. Individual support and check-ins (if you already have your own accommodation and meals, and would like to have support from the SFU self-isolation team)

Financial support

CARES Emergency Assistance Funding 

SFU and Fraser International College Students 

SFU and FIC students in financial need who sign up for either package can also apply for additional CARES emergency assistance funding.

To be considered for this funding, you must:

  • participate in one of the CARES program packages administered through SFU Student Services;
  • be a registered FIC or SFU undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in classes (full- or part-time) for your degree program at the time of application;
  • have exhausted all other resources, and have demonstrated financial need; and
  • complete the required application.

Emergency assistance funding is meant to provide some additional support to those students with demonstrated financial need and who have accessed one of the CARES packages. It is not intended to support future term costs (such as living expenses, tuition and mandatory fees, and book costs for the spring/summer term, etc.).

For more details on available funding and relevant Financial Aid applications for both SFU and FIC can be found through the CARES Program Package application process through the My Place@SFU portal

select CARES Program from the main navigation.

The CARES Program Packages and the ability to apply for the additional CARES Emergency Assistance Funding is open to all SFU students for their first reported isolation period.

For subsequent isolation periods, students will only be eligible for both:

  1. the subsidized CARES Package costs and
  2. to apply for the CARES Emergency Assistance Funding.

If this request is declined, students will still be encouraged to sign-up for a CARES Package option and it will be at an unsubsidized rate.

Apply for additional CARES Emergency Assistance

More details on available funding and relevant Financial Aid applications for both SFU and FIC can be found through the CARES Program Package application process.

  1. Select a CARES program package
  2. Apply now for CARES package and Emergency Assistance

You can only receive the CARES Emergency Assistance Funding one time. 

If you have unique circumstances, you can email and one of our team members will contact you to discuss support options.

Residence students

SFU Residence students who sign up for either package will also be eligible to have their residence fees prorated for their isolation period.