Delayed start of spring term classes

November 27, 2020
This message is sent on behalf of Catherine Dauvergne, vice-president academic and provost. 
This year has delivered unprecedented challenges to universities and the communities they serve. From what I’m seeing in my first official week with you, SFU has shown the compassion and the flexibility to quickly make changes that benefit the health and welfare of our students, staff, and faculty.
To give you a longer break over the holidays, and faculty more time to prepare for the spring term, we’re delaying the start of classes to January 11. The start of summer term classes will also be delayed by about a week. There are no changes to dates for the fall term 2021.
Why we’re doing this
We recognize everyone is tired as we deal with the changes this pandemic has brought to how we teach, how you learn, and how we all connect with each other. Delaying the start of classes will give you more time over the winter break to rest and reconnect with family and friends. (Students will also have time after academic standings are calculated, starting January 4, to seek advising support if necessary before classes begin.) Those additional days between January 4 (when the university opens) and January 11 (when classes begin) will also provide a bit more time for our faculty to prepare for spring courses. By supporting the well-being of our community, we can help ensure the quality of the education we provide and the excellence of your student experience.
What’s changing
Details Original Date(s) Revised Dates(s)
Spring term class start January 5 January 11
Spring term class end April 12 April 16
Spring term exam period
April 14 to 25
April 17 to 28
Summer term class start May 10   May 17
Summer term class end August 9 August 12
Summer term exam period August 11 to 20   August 13 to 24
If you have questions about how we’re managing COVID-19, please continue to check the COVID-19 FAQs on, which are continually updated with the latest information. You’ll also find a range of academic and other support services listed on the Student Services and Graduate Studies websites.
Dr. Catherine Dauvergne, QC
Vice-President Academic and Provost
Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University