Temporary pilot undergraduate grading system

January 14, 2021

This email was sent to Spring undergraduates at 10:30am January 14.

This message is sent on behalf Kathryn Verkerk, university registrar and executive director, student enrolment pro tem

On Monday, our university senate approved a new, temporary undergraduate grading system of Pass/Credit/No Credit (P/CR/NC) for the 2021 spring, summer, and fall terms only.

The pandemic and the shift to a remote learning environment have affected all students, and this temporary change will allow greater flexibility in grading, withdrawal, academic standing, and continuance policies.

We have not yet worked out all the details but, generally speaking, you will be able to use this alternative grading scheme towards a maximum of 12 units across the three terms (2021 spring, summer and fall) for courses deemed as elective(s) within your program. For the 2021 spring term, if you wish to choose this grading system for one or more electives, you will need to make your decision no later than the last day of classes. Of course, you should consult with an academic advisor to assess your options.

As mentioned, we are still finalizing the details and developing an implementation plan for this temporary grading option. We will get back to you with more information as soon as possible.


Kathryn Verkerk
University Registrar and Executive Director, Student Enrolment pro tem


Simon Fraser University