Information on Apple's iOS Developer program

The SIAT program has limited registration for Apple's iOS Developer program. Access is for Faculty and students to use while they are enrolled in or teaching SIAT courses. Once you are no longer a student nor an instructor in a SIAT course, access to the program is void.

To gain access to the program:

  1. Browse to (click on "member center" and go register - it is free).
  2. Create a developer account using your SFU email address.
  3. Send a ticket via this link, using the SFU account that you used in step 2. In the "Description" field simply explain that you are requesting an invite to the SFU SIAT iOS Developer program.
  4. I.T. Services will then send an "invite" to the SFU SIAT iOS Developer program.
  5. The user accepts the invitation and downloads the requisite software and documentation to get started. All the information is in the invite.

Please understand that the iOS Developer is neither administered nor hosted by I.T. Services and very limited support can be provided. No, we will not help debug your code. No, we will not help you understand Core Location.