Community partnerships developed through SFU Surrey campus are essential to carrying out our programming, building relationships, and creating lasting impacts for students, community organizations and the South of the Fraser.

Surrey Local Immigration Partnership

SFU Surrey is a representative on the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Steering Committee. The Steering Committee helps to provide Surrey LIP with the knowledge and skills to build meaningful Immigrant and Refugee Strategic Plans for the development of truly inclusive communities.

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Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition

SFU Surrey is a representative on the Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition. The coalition was formed in 2012 to form the Poverty Reduction Plan to end poverty in Surrey.

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Surrey School – SFU Transitions Committee

In response to the need, interest and opportunity for Surrey Schools and SFU to collaborate, both organizations are working together to support and promote student transition from high school to university, as well as further joint-academic, research and community engagement initiatives.

Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee

Simon Fraser University and the Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee (SUILC) have entered into a partnership to promote and support the academic, research and community engagement needs and interests of the region’s growing urban Indigenous peoples.

Surrey CityLab

The City of Surrey, SFU and KPU have partnered to create a new experiential program for post-secondary students to address important city topics. 

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