Kal Dosanjh (BA Criminology) is a veteran police officer and the CEO of KidsPlay Foundation.


Alumni Feature: Meet Kal Dosanjh

November 02, 2020

SFU degree(s): BA in Criminology

Kal Dosanjh is a veteran police officer with 20 years of law enforcement experience. He served approximately 15 years as a patrol officer, prior to transferring to the Investigative Division as a Detective. Kal served in one of the most challenging and violent environments found in North America, the Downtown Eastside. The types of calls included homicides, robberies, serious assaults, in addition to dealing with violent drug dealers, gang members and individuals suffering from mental health issues.

The dangerous environment, the open air drug market, and the constant exposure to extreme risk was the premise behind the hit reality series, "The BEAT". Kal was selected to be on the second season of the BEAT, which shows him in action on the streets. On account of his work, he has received several commendations. His work in the Downtown Eastside served as the genesis to create the KidsPlay Foundation, a registered non-profit.

KidsPlay Foundation provides youth with free, high quality educational initiatives, sports programming, comprehensive after-school mentorship programs in a concerted effort with partnering agencies. Under his guidance and leadership as Chief Executive Officer of KidsPlay Foundation, the organization now boasts over 500 volunteers, and approximately 70,000 youth have participated in KidsPlay programs since its inception in 2015.

As a result of his efforts Kal has been the recipient of multiple community leadership awards, which includes being presented with the Canada Volunteer Award (British Columbia and North) in 2021 at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. Kal graduated with a degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University.

What has been a big takeaway or lesson for you from your time at SFU?

"My post-secondary education provided me with the critical thinking required to analyze situations from multiple dimensions, versus adopting a one dimensional approach. This higher level thinking surpassed text book academia, and forced us to create innovative solutions for real world problems. SFU was definitely the spring of knowledge, which gave me the confidence to keep a fresh perspective, and not submit to convention or status quo."

What advice do you have to current SFU students as they go through their studies?

"This journey is not about the destination, but rather, it's about the journey itself. Along the way, there were multiple trials and tribulations, ups and downs, with victories and defeats. Enjoy these moments, good or bad. While striving for academic excellence, we shouldn't shut ourselves off from appreciating all the wonderful moments life offers us to grow and evolve; whether that's being part of a student council, or joining some fun extracurricular programs offered at SFU along the way. Equally important, is all the connections and friendships we make along the way."

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