Kiran Toor (BEd 2018, far right) is the President of KidsPlay Foundation.


Alumni Feature: Meet Kiran Kaur Toor

November 16, 2021

SFU Degree(s): Bachelor of Education, 2018

I graduated from SFU with a Bachelors in Education. As an advocate for youth empowerment and justice, I gained valuable knowledge and skills during the completion of my degree which in turn have proven invaluable in the course of the work I do now with KidsPlay Foundation. I am the President of the organization, overseeing national and international initiatives. I was fortunate enough to access post-secondary education. With such privilege comes a burden of responsibility.

Through KidsPlay, we provide opportunities for youth struggling to access basic education and sporting activities, and we have been able to help break financial barriers and provide each youth with an equal opportunity to attain their goals and succeed as productive individuals in society. This growing city demands all of us to come forward and steer the newcomers in a positive direction, and I have been fortunate enough to do just that with my amazing team at KidsPlay. From providing opportunities at no cost to all, we have been focusing on welcoming newcomers by supporting them with our wrap around services. I will be travelling to Colombia and India as a representative of the organization to grow our programs in surrounding areas.

What drew you to your area of study?

As the oldest child of an immigrant family, I saw the challenges and limitations my parents continued to face while raising their three children. I started working at the age of 14 as a tutor, which fueled my passion to educate others. This stimulated my interest in volunteering with a youth based organization, Akal Academy, which later led me to pursue an opportunity to meet my mentor, a former SFU alumni and Founder of KidsPlay, Kal Dosanjh. I was introduced to many inspiring individuals on the way, some who had started their own non-profits to help their peers. I was compelled to apply to SFU and I am so thankful for the guidance I received to pursue my degree at the institution. From there, I worked towards building KidsPlay and completing my undergrad.

What is your favourite memory of your time at SFU?

Having supportive professors who acknowledged my efforts definitely was a highlight. All three campuses are community-oriented and resourceful. The library was accessible and promoted my learning/studying experiences. Studying for exams until late at night and being able to stay in the library until late hours contributed to getting all that studying in. The late night study sessions and taking countless breaks to make lasting memories made my university experience all the more enjoyable.

What is your personal takeaway from yoru time at SFU?

Access to post-secondary education is a privilege, and my experiences at SFU taught me to not only appreciate the opportunities I received from my amazing university, but also pay it forward by helping others achieve their dreams of attaining education.

What advice do you have for SFU students going through their degree?

The campuses offer many resources for students - academics, therapy and financial aid are accessible for every student. I encourage students at SFU to access these resources to support their unique learning experience at SFU. Get in touch with your professors to develop professional relationships, to seek ongoing support and get involved in clubs and activities! Enjoy being a student, because once you’re out in the real world, you’re out in the real world. There will be plenty of time to carry heavy burdens of obligation and responsibility later. At this moment time, slow things down and enjoy the journey.

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