Patrick Umerah Onukwulu (BA, 1979) is the CEO and Artistic Director of the Festival African Heritage Music and Dance Society.


Alumni Feature: Meet Patrick Umerah Onukwulu

February 22, 2022

SFU Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts - Major in Commerce, 1979

I graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics/Commerce. I was recruited into the Chartered Accountants (CA) Program by Thorne Riddell Chartered Accountants, which is now known as KPMG.  I am currently the CEO/Artistic Director of the Festival African Heritage Music and Dance Society, an arts presentation organization.

What drew you to your area of study?

I wanted to acquire an understanding of the academic theories behind Business, Economics and Commerce.

What is your favourite memory of your time at SFU?

Having to stand my ground and fight for my grades from a very racist professor from South Africa and actually winning.

The opportunity to start the first radio program to feature African/Black music and information in BC, to help tell the community about the current situations of the African/Black diaspora. It still exists today.

What advice do you have for SFU students going through their degree?

Know what you want in your heart and go for it. Apply yourself to the required work and do not let anyone sway you; and, do not hesitate to chat with your professors and TAs when you need to.

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