Campus News and Updates

FYI: Partial and Full Closure of Mezzanine, other campus spaces: April 7 & 8, 2022

April 04, 2022

UPDATE APRIL 7: Please be advised that the Computer Lab on the Mezzanine level (SRYC2300) will be CLOSED starting at 4 PM today, April 7. The information below has been updated accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE APRIL 6: Fraser Library hours on April 8 remain unchanged, and are added below. Information regarding access to the Registrar and Welcome Centre also added.

UPDATE APRIL 5: Added information about classes impacted in Podium 2 on April 8. Please check with your respective departments for more information.

Please be advised of the following closures on the SRYC campus on April 7 and 8 for the President's Annual SFU Surrey Gala. There will be a number of staff on hand to help with directions, as well as signage to help you get to your intended destination. Please allow for extra time to move around campus during these days.


PARTIAL CLOSURE OF THE MEZZANINE: Starting at 10 AM, preparations for the Gala setup will begin on the mezzanine.  At this time there will be limited access in and through the Mezzanine.  Café seating will not be available. 

FULL CLOSURE OF SFSS STUDENT LOUNGE (SRYC 3396): Starting at 4 PM, the SFSS Student Lounge will be closed, and no access will be permitted. All the microwaves in this lounge will be moved to SRYC 3330 for use.

FULL CLOSURE OF COMPUTER LAB (SRYC 2300): Starting at 4 PM, the computer lab (SRYC 2300) on the Mezzanine level will be closed. 

FRIDAY, April 8

FACULTY/TEACHING STAFF WITH CLASSES IN PODIUM 2: Please be advised if you usually hold a class in Podium 2 on Fridays, your class may have been moved to an alternate location for this week. Reach out to your department to see which room your class has been moved to so that you can prepare and let your students know as well. Thank you for your cooperation.

FULL CLOSURE OF THE MEZZANINE: Starting at 4 PM, the Mezzanine will be fully closed with no through access. Please follow all posted signage to get in and out of SFU Surrey for the duration of April 8. There will also be no access to the lockers on this level.

Additionally, please be aware of the following:

  • The emergency stairwell entrance (Stair T3) to the Mezzanine will be closed.

  • There will be no entry to or exit from the campus via the mezzanine. Detour signs will be posted and extra staff will be on hand to provide directions. Most traffic will be routed through the tower elevators so expect delays. Please allow yourself extra time to get to classes, parking, transit, or the mall.

  • As there will be limited access to the security desk to sign out keys, all team rooms will be unlocked for the evening. Please follow room book protocols as usual, respecting time limits and those who have booked the space after you.

  • The 331 Lounge (hot tub area) and 441 lounge will be closed for use and these areas will be quiet zones for walk-through traffic. All Galleria study spaces will remain open and additional study space will be moved outside of the Fraser Library.  

  • Study space in the SRYE building is available for the evening. SFU ID is required for entry after 6:00 PM. 

The Mezzanine will open to through traffic after 10:30 PM on April 8.  Mezzanine seating, 331 and 441 lounges, and the SFSS Lounge will be available for use by the afternoon of Saturday, April 9.


FRASER LIBRARY: The Fraser Library will be open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Please follow the posted signs to go to and from the library.

REGISTRAR AND WELCOME CENTRE: Both will be open on Friday, but will only be accessible along the side of the Registrar desk (towards the ramp down to Podium 2). Signage will be posted to direct you. 

Please see the attached memo and maps for a more detailed look at the closures and re-directed routes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SFU Ceremonies and Events via email at

Thank you for your understanding.