General Science Double Minor

Your customizable Science degree

The General Science Double Minor Degree Program allow students the flexibility to focus on at least two areas while attaining a broad, solid foundation in all the Sciences. This degree requires at least one minor from within the Faculty of Science, specific lower division Science coursework, and general upper division Science coursework, as well as standard university breadth and unit requirements, and a second minor from either within Science or from any other faculty at the university.

Career Opportunities

Since the General Science Double Minor program is inherently flexible, there are many career options following completion.  These are a few examples of careers of some of our recent alumni:

  • Secondary teacher (Science teachable minor subjects)
  • Elementary teacher (Science teachable minor with Education minor)
  • Assistant Controller (Science minor & BUS minor)
  • Financial Advisor (Science minors)
  • Analyst Director (Science minor & GERO minor)
  • Employment Counselor (Science minor & PSYC minor)
  • Support Analyst (Science minor & EDUC minor)
  • Youth Worker (Science minor & PSYC minor)
  • BC Centre for Disease Countrol Director (Science minor & BUS minor)
  • Laboratory Technician (Science minor & IAT minor)
  • Ultrasound Teaching Assistant (Science minors)
  • Kinesiologist (Science minor & HSCI minor)
  • Child Development Facilitator (Science minor & PSYC minor)
  • HR Adminstrator (Science minor & PSYC minor)
* GSCPRO Program Planner.pdf
General Science Double Minor Degree Program Planner/Checklist