Volume 16, Number 8


Focus: Student Learning Commons Website



Melissa Tamer advises all Surrey campus Science students, General Science Double Minor Program students, Science students over 60 units without a major, and students wanting to transfer into Science from other SFU faculties.

Student Learning Commons

If you have been reading these newsletters all year, first of all... THANK YOU!  As you may have noticed I get a lot of my resources from the Student Learning Commons website.  

This website has such a great wealth of information about Writing, Learning and Studying and resources if English is an additional language for students.

If your first year did not go as planned and you have decided to take summer semester off to regroup that's great! Perhaps you can take a few days over the summer to join workshops on this website for whatever facet you feel like may help you.

There are also lots of articles to read about writing, learning and studying as well as past workshops and webinars that have been recorded for your convenience. 

In general the Learning and Studying resources I find are the most useful as they teach useful note taking techniques, exam preparation and other useful time and self management information.  

Even as a seasoned student or especially as a first year student these resources are useful to see if there is a more efficient way than the way you are currently studying or if there is anything that you can implement that will streamline and help you study.

One thing to note is that the Study Hall @ Home, link found below under Ongoing Events.  It is a great thing to take advantage of this summer if you are taking classes as it is a great time to get resources and help as well as a nice block of time forcing you to study.

Good luck in your future studies!

Summer 2021

Calendar Notes:

Semester important dates can be found here.

July 6 - WD Drop date Deadline and Elective Grading System Deadline. For more information please visit the following link.  

Ongoing Events:

Study Hall @ Home Supported study environment for focus and motivation.  Click here for more info.


How can I reflect on Fall and Spring semester and improve my academic performance for the next year ahead?


Currently no in-person advising is available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Students can:

Phone: 778.782.7486 & leave a voicemail message. These will be returned by the advisor but slower response times than via email. Be sure to include both your student number and a callback number.  Phone appointments are also available, please email to set up.

Email: with questions and concerns. Be sure to email from your SFU email account and include your SFU student number.

Zoom: appointments available

Website <- EXPLORE it for advising explanations, tips, etc.

Typical response time within one to two business days. Longer during periods of absence/peak enrollment times. Note: we are closed weekends and holidays.

You have access to immediate or ongoing confidential support. Access by phone 1.844.451.9700 or download the App from the App Store or Google Play.

Culturally-relevant support and counselling in multiple additional languages is also vailable.

Travelling outside of North America and need access? Call 001.416.380.6578

Financial Aid & Assistance advising @ all Campuses 

In-person advising is not available at this time due to COVID-19 containment meaures.  

You can reach them by phone at 778.782.6930 Monday to Friday 9:30am - 3:30pm.  

You can also reach them by email at

SFU CO-OP Online Courses

Interviewing 101 - Click here.

Effective Intercultural Communication - Click here.

Job Search Success - Click here.