Who We Are

The Sustainability Office

Our Vision & Mission


  • SFU has played a transformational role in building a sustainable society.


  • To scale and accelerate emerging and impactful innovation in ecological, social and economic sustainability.


Our Mandate

To empower SFU and its communities to advance sustainability with strategic planning, support, tools and other leadership services.  
Because sustainability is a systems approach to human and ecological issues, the Sustainability Office works at a systems-level to advance SFU’s leadership in sustainability by:

  1. Ensuring the implementation of GP 38 and SFU’s 20-Year Sustainability Vision and Goals
  2. Facilitating and supporting the development of SFU’s 5-Year Sustainability Strategic Plan and providing SFU with services and tools to support the Plan’s implementation, as well as emerging sustainability innovation.
  3. Leading campus-wide signature projects like the Zero Waste Initiative.

Our Values


We take responsibility for our actions, are accountable, respectful and fair. We walk the talk and are transparent in our work.  


We inspire change within and beyond SFU by enabling others to become change-makers and modeling high-impact transformational leadership.   


We demonstrate compassion for ourselves, others and future generations.   

Diversity & Inclusion

We make an effort to engage all diverse perspectives, particularly with those who may otherwise be excluded.


We are persistent, steadfast and patient in the pursuit of our vision and goals.