Sustainability Services

SFU provides free, best practice services to SFU students, faculty and staff to strengthen and support their ecological, social and economic sustainability projects. Services are provided on the basis of urgency (in line with SFU's 20-year sustainability vision and goals) and capacity.  

General List of Services

Sustainability Strategic Planning

Integrate industry excellence standards into current departmental operations, assess risks and opportunities, conduct comparative analyses, and develop goals, implementation plans, engagement designs, and evaluation metrics.

Assessments, Tools and Checklists

Align departmental decisions, develop university-wide projects, implement sustainability action plans, and integrate sustainability into management policies and systems.

Incubation of Sustainability Leadership Initiatives

Apply for sponsorship of an impactful, institution-wide sustainability project for up to three years or receive support or data to strengthen awards and funding applications. 

Measurement, Reporting and Business Intelligence

Track and assess departmental sustainability progress and access institutional data, reports and research, sector-specific sustainability best practice measures, assessment metrics, and comparative analysis.

Communication, Recognition and Brand Narrative

Receive support to promote your sustainability project, story or event across campus and to external audiences.