Our Team

Candace Le Roy


Guiding the institution-wide approach to sustainability leadership by applying industry excellence standards, and consulting on risks and opportunities to integrate sustainability into the University's core business, Candace creates institutional and external partnerships to drive sustainability at SFU and beyond.

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Erica Lay

Associate Director

Providing strategic planning, evaluation and analysis services to align university sustainability actions, Erica leads the university's strategic sustainability planning cycle.  She has been instrumental in the development and facilitation of SFU’s 20-year sustainability vision and goals engagement process.


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Rachel Telling 
Manager, Campus Sustainability

Rachel strengthens and aligns operations across all three campuses, through training and consultation with departments and project leads.  She develops tools, strategies and policies to advance sustainable operations and has been influential in the Zero Waste Initiative.

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Manager, Student Learning & Leadership

This position is currently vacant.

Manager, Research Sustainability

This position is currently vacant.

Pegah Djamzad

Sustainability Reporting & Awards Analyst

Researching industry sustainability excellence standards, best practices, tracking and reporting tools, Pegah provides business intelligence services, strengthens awards submissions, tracks and reports SFU’s sustainability progress and assists with the President’s Awards for Leadership in Sustainability.

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Ashleigh Erwin

Manager, Communications and Engagement

Ashleigh develops and implements comprehensive communications, branding and social media strategies, creates institutional-wide campaigns to advance cross-departmental sustainability initiatives, and produces stories to advance sustainability both within and beyond SFU through a range of online and in person media.

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Program Coordinator, Campus Sustainability

This position is currently vacant.