Sustainability Courses at Simon Fraser University

All SFU faculties and over 70% of departments have faculty members whose work contributes toward the understanding of ecological, social or economic sustainability issues.  Sustainability-related courses and programs provide students with knowledge and skills to solve complex, global and local problems like waste, hunger, migration, economics, climate change, human rights and more.  The lists below are broken down by faculty.  For more information on the course or program, or to enroll, please contact the faculty or department directly.

Graduate and Undergraduate Sustainability Courses

Academic courses with primary and explicit focus on sustainability and/or understanding or solving one or more major sustainability challenge.

Inventory of Sustainability Courses

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses that Include Sustainability

Academic courses primarily focused on a topic other than sustainability, but incorporate a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activities or integrates sustainability issues throughout the course. 

Inventory of Courses that Include Sustainability

Non-Credit Courses

Non-credit courses that either have a primary focus on sustainability, incorporate a unit or module on sustainability, or integrate sustainability issues throughout the course.

Inventory of Non-Credit Courses