Envisioning our Future

20-Year Sustainability Vision and Goals

Over an innovative, SFU-developed engagement process, SFU students, faculty and staff members from various departments across all three campuses participated in envisioning the Institution's long-term sustainability future.  The resulting 20-Year Sustainability Vision and Goals lays the foundation for SFU's next 5-Year Sustainability Strategic Plan.


In 2016, SFU developed an innovative engagement methodology and invited the entire community of faculty, students, staff, and senior leadership across all three campuses to envision the University's long-term sustainable future. 



Over 2,400 SFU Community members directly contributed to the broad consultation to develop core themes of interest, and over 4,000 people in total were engaged.  Through community dialogue sessions, these themes were refined into a set of draft goals. 


The drafted goals were then filtered through internal SFU and global sustainability plans and commitments and senior leadership was consulted.  The draft was sent back into the community for further input. 


On November 28, 2016, the final 20-Year Sustainability Vision and Goals were approved by SFU's Vice Presidents.  The resulting 20-year sustainability vision and goals lay the foundation for the University's next 5-Year Sustainability Strategic Plan (2018-2022).


The 20-Year Sustainability Vision and Goals are a 2017 AASHE Sustainability Awards Finalist and 2017 City of Burnaby Environmental Award recipient.