BC Cool Campus Challenge

Join the Cool Campus Challenge and take the pledge!

Simon Fraser University is participating in the BC Cool Campus Challenge, a fun and friendly initiative between BC universities and colleges to save energy this winter season.

Post-secondary institutions across British Columbia are challenging each other to reduce natural gas use and encourage campus community members to take energy conservation actions by signing the Cool Campus Pledge. By reducing natural gas use, we can reduce our climate impact and demonstrate climate leadership.

As an institution, SFU has already taken steps in this challenge by lowering its temperature settings to 20˚C at SFU's Burnaby campus. This is only 1-2 degrees lower than normal, but translates to impactful energy savings.

Now is your chance to get involved. This campaign will run from January 6th, until March 1st 2020. Do you think that SFU has what it takes to win the BC Cool Campus Challenge? Take the pledge to join us!


Take the Pledge now for the chance to win great prizes, including cozy blankets, and Renaissance Coffee gift certificates! Winners will be contacted weekly via email and announced on the website during January and February. Make sure to include your contact information when signing the pledge for your chance to win!

Upcoming Events

The Sustainability Office will be hosting Cool Campus stations every Thursday starting January 9th to February 27th on the second floor of Maggie Benson Centre (by the Bookstore). Come drop by to talk about the challenge, take the pledge in-person, enter the prize draw and get some FREE hot chocolate if you bring your own mug or tumbler.

What commitments are included in taking the Cool Campus Pledge?

By taking the pledge, you're committing to reduce your energy use this heating season. Here are the actions we would like you to adopt as part of the pledge:

  • Layering up in warmer clothing
  • Turning down the thermostat in your home to below 20°C
  • Taking shorter showers
  • Washing clothes in cold water
  • Committing to a climate change action of your choice

These simple actions add up and can significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

We also ask that you refrain from using personal space heaters, as these can confuse the electrical system, and cause the circuit to blow by overloading it. We encourage you to heat your body by layering in warm clothing, instead of heating the air around you.

Why take the Cool Campus Pledge?

This challenge is an example of how post-secondary institutions and large communities can collaborate to address energy use. Natural gas is a limited and uncertain non-renewable resource. The purpose of this challenge is to start a conversation on energy dependency and resiliency.

How can we engage in energy saving practices in addition to seeking renewable energy resources? Let's take this opportunity to discuss it. Share your pledge online and tag us at @SFUSustain using the hashtag #BCCoolCampus

Frequently Asked Questions

Not convinced to take the pledge? Read some additionally frequently asked questions below about the importance of the BC Cool Campus Challenge:

Why are post-secondary institutions leading this challenge?

Public institutions have taken this opportunity to lead a province-wide energy conservation challenge to raise awareness about actions individuals and institutions can take to reduce natural gas consumption and lower our carbon footprint. Collectively, small actions add up and can have a big impact. We aim to use this challenge to start a conversation on energy dependency and resiliency.

Who is participating in the BC Cool Campus Challenge?

Universities and colleges are joining together to promote energy conservation across the province. Institutions currently participating include: Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, University of British Columbia OkanaganBritish Columbia Institute of Technology, Selkirk College and Thompson Rivers University.

How will the winner of the BC Cool Campus Challenge be decided? What is the provincial prize?

The winner of the BC Cool Campus Challenge will be the institution that collects the most online energy-saving pledges from students, staff, and faculty between January 6th and March 1st.

The winning institution will get a branded sweater or warm clothing item from each of the participating institutions. On behalf of the participating institutions, the winning team will donate all the warm clothing items to a local charitable organization to keep more people warm this heating season.

Additionally, the winning institution wins bragging rights as the coolest campus in BC!

Are space heaters a good alternative while lowering my thermostat temperatures?

We encourage campus community members to wear layers and dress appropriately instead of plugging in space heaters. Space heaters consume significant amounts of additional energy and can also trip electrical breakers, resulting in operational issues that may affect other spaces on campus or in your building.

What is SFU's plan to be more energy resilient?

As outlined by the 20-year Sustainability Visions and Goals released in 2016, SFU envisions to move to 100% renewable resources by 2036.