Developmental Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is at a critical stage of its development and decisions need to be made about the structure, recruitment, and operational processes of the 2021 Advisory Council (the first full-term Advisory Council of this Plan). 

Based on the recommendations that came out of initial conversations and engagement about the Advisory Council, the Fall 2020 term has been dedicated to relationship-building and collaboration towards the development of the 2021 Advisory Council. The Sustainability Office has established a Developmental Advisory Council (DevAC) in order to co-create the structure and some of the key frameworks and operational processes of the first full-term Advisory Council (2021) with members of the SFU community. 

List of Developmental Advisory Council Members:


  • Carmen Hui
  • Fabusuyi Akindele Aroge
  • Georgina Johnston
  • Jenny Koo
  • Jonathan Mendel
  • Megan Balog
  • Sigbrit Søchting
  • Thomas Budd
  • Victor Yin
  • Bradley Sarandi, Embark Sustainability’s Social Sustainability Coordinator (Embark Sustainability DevAC Representative)
  • Serena Bains (SFU Disability and Neurodiversity Alliance Liaison)


  • Am Johal – Director (SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement) and Co-Director (SFU's Community Engaged Research Initiative)
  • Joanna Ashworth – Director, Professional Programs and Partnerships (Faculty of Environment)
  • Lily Raphael – Project Manager (Centre for Economic Development)
  • Kayla Blok – Associate Director (Sustainability Office)
  • Kim Thee – Manager, Student Learning & Leadership (Sustainability Office)


Terms of Reference

* Developmental Advisory Council Terms of Reference.pdf
Developmental Advisory Council Terms of Reference

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