Sustainability Peer Program

The Sustainability Peer Education program is on hold for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please check back in the Spring 2019 term for updates. To receive notifications about our programs and recruitment dates, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter.

The Sustainability Peer Program is an 8-month co-curricular cohort that provides a small group of students with sustainability education and opportunities to develop their own sustainability initiatives through mentorship, workshops, and support.

Sustainability Peers gain sustainability knowledge, meet and learn from sustainability leaders, and engage with the SFU community to promote ecological, social and economic sustainability within and beyond the University.

As a Sustainability Peer you can expect to:

  • Think critically and innovatively about sustainability while developing a deeper awareness of the context in which sustainability initiatives can grow;

  • Participate in a series of weekly workshops that will broaden your understanding of sustainability as a concept and practice (such as sessions on anti-oppression, addressing food waste, social justice movements, and communicating about sustainability);

  • Consider sustainability through a lens of reconciliation and decolonization. Explore the connections between land and water, social sustainability, justice, and Indigenous peoples and worldviews in Canada;

  • Build community through connections with sustainability-minded students and a network of sustainability professionals; and

  • Start or contribute to an initiative that creates sustainable change at SFU and beyond.

Read what previous Sustainability Peers have to say:

"I learned so much about my field. The meaning of ‘sustainability’ is very different from what I had going into this program."- Priscilla, Sustainability Peer Educator 2017 - 2018

"The biggest takeaway from my experience as a Peer Educator is that being an advocate for the environment also involves being an advocate for other issues. Such as decolonization, global inequality, and waste. I also learned that there are so many ways to get involved with environmental issues. There are ways to bring forward issues in media, many non-profits, and protesting on the front lines. The knowledge I have gained, and learning of ways to help, inspire me to take initiative." Angela, Sustainability Peer Educator 2017 - 2018

"I have learned so much in the weekly workshops. Each workshop I learned new things about current issues or about myself. [...] My biggest takeaway would have to be the importance of decolonization and reconciliation and learning about it." Nikki, Sustainability Peer Educator 2017 - 2018

Previous Sustainability Peer Program Projects:

Eco Endeavours

This afterschool program aimed to introduce sustainability to elementary school students. The focus of the project was to plant a seed to young leaders about sustainability topics, challenges, and opportunities at an early age. This project won the SFU Community Engagement Competition in 2018.


Plight of the Coast Audio Documentary

Exploring the topic of salmon farming in BC, this audio documentary dives deep in the waters of the social, economic, and ecological impacts of this industry to its surrounding local communities. With interviews from multiple industry and community leaders, this body of work begun to uncover the uncharted territory of salmon farming.


The Sustainability Peer Program is facilitated and supported by the SFU Sustainability Office and Embark Sustainability.