Sustainable Spaces: Home Edition

Sustainable Spaces: Home Edition Certification

Are you looking for ways to take climate action at home and improve wellness during COVID19? Let us help!

The Sustainability Office created this checklist as an engagement activity during the COVID-19 pandemic and as a guide to help support the SFU community while at home. It was created with longevity in mind, the majority of these actions were designed to continue as we settle into our new normal.

The checklist contains 7 categories, each consisting of a variety of behaviour change-focused tasks. The idea is for participants to incorporate sustainability actions into their work from home set up or to complete when at home. Not only does this relate to energy conservation and physical space, but also includes mental health components, ensuring your brain remains a sustainable space, too. 

Originating as an idea from the SFU-CAN meetings, this checklist is included in the Sustainable Spaces program, and is also the campaign chosen for SFU’s participation in the Energy Wise Network. Though primarily aimed at staff, everyone from the SFU campus community is encouraged to participate.

How to participate

Please download the interactive Home Edition PDF below. After entering your contact information, go through and check as many items as are applicable to you and your space. We encourage you to involve your partner, kids or other family members while going through the checklist too! 

There are a variety of educational links at the end as well, and when you’ve explored them, please check those off as well and bookmark them for future reference. Completion is not based on how many boxes you check, but is represented by participating in the activity. Please fill it out as best you can, and check out some of the fabulous resources that SFU has to offer, listed on the last page of the checklist!

Share any photos, experiences, quotes, etc on social media using the hashtag “#SSHomeEdition.” Be sure to tag the Sustainability Office as well. Our handles are included at the bottom of the checklist document!

What is the Sustainable Spaces Program?

Delivered by the Sustainability Office, Sustainable Spaces is an SFU certification program that strives to incorporate a holistic view of sustainability including ecological, social and economic perspectives to improve sustainability performance in a variety of spaces - and now at home! Participation is voluntary and free. With the events, offices, labs and dining spaces branches of the SS program, there are three certification levels in each area (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). The Sustainability Office will help to promote the certified space or event, and provide tools that stakeholders can use to continue their efforts and effectively communicate their successes. For the Home Edition, we have a separate certification process, purely based on completing it to the best of your ability, and sending it back to the Sustainability Office. You’ll receive a Home Edition digital decal for participating, as well as a chance to win one of our prizes!

Please download, fill and send the checklist to