Bin Buddies

As part of SFU's Zero Waste Initiative, these small, mobile black garbage containers are replacing all regular landfill bins in SFU’s offices. To reflect typical office waste stream of 85% paper, they hang on the side of a mixed paper bin, saving space and plastic garbage bags. They help keep us aware of the waste we produce each day at work.  

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What should I put in the Bin Buddy?

The Bin Buddy replaces the black landfill garbage bin that was previously in your office.  You should use the Bin Buddy for the same items - i.e. only those that cannot be recycled or composted at SFU.  This includes Styrofoam, soft, candy bar wrappers, cookie and chip bags.  Please take all materials that should not be placed in your deskside paper bin or Bin Buddy (i.e. compostable and non-paper recyclable materials) to the nearest four-stream zero waste station.  The Bin Buddy is detachable so it can also be used as a mobile trash container to take your recyclables to your nearest station.

What should I put in the yellow bin?

The yellow bin is for paper and replaces the blue recycling bins in offices – in order to align with the Zero Waste standard established at SFU and across Metro Vancouver.  The following items can be placed in this bin:

  • All CLEAN paper
  • Office paper & envelopes
  • Magazines, newspapers, flyers and phone books
  • Boxboard (cereal packaging, detergent boxes) Please fold large boxes and leave them next to the 4-stream Zero Waste Stations for collection
  • Hard and soft-cover books
  • Paper cup sleeves
  • Paper bags (including wrapping)

Will there be a bag or liner in the Bin Buddy?

No, there will not be a bag or liner inside the Bin Buddy.  The Buddy should only be used for non-recyclable and non-compostable items, so there should not be anything wet in it which would create the need for a liner.  This will results to the elimination of 200,000 plastic bin liners that would otherwise be sent to the landfill from SFU.  With four-stream zero waste stations available for composting and recycling, most office garbage bins contain very little waste.

When will the Bin Buddies be emptied?

Both the office recycling and Bin Buddy garbage bins will continue to be emptied once a week by janitorial staff.  You can also take any items to the nearest four-stream zero waste station at any time.

What will happen to the old office bins?

The old bins from offices will be reused wherever possible or sent for recycling.

Any other user tips?

To make using the Bin Buddies easier, feel free to leave your black garbage container open for easy access. Additionally, you can elevate your Bin Buddy from the ground if necessary to prevent having to bend over.